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 28 September 2022


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Russian Referenda Set Up End Game Putin Wants -- The four Russian-occupied provinces of Ukraine taken this year held referenda on joining the Russian Federation. The results were implausibly in favor of being ruled from Moscow. No legitimate referendum has a result for or against of 90% or higher. No legitimate referendum has armed men going door to door to force people to vote. No legitimate referendum is held in a war zone. However, legitimacy does not matter to Mr. Putin. What matters is that he is setting up a political situation that would allow him to declare victory. Sadly for him, much depends on the acquiescence of Kyiv, Berlin and Washington. [28 September]

Italy Elects Fascist Wannabes -- The Italian people went to the polls yesterday and elected a right-wing coalition of parties led by the Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d\' Italia). This is not a good development for Italy nor for Europe. The Brothers of Italy has its roots in the Italian Social Movement, founded by members of the National Fascist Party and the Republican Fascist Party, banned after World War II. The leader of the party, Giogia Meloni, was quite the fascist firebrand in her youth, and despite her claims to have moderated her views over the years, one is confident that her reflexes remain anti-democratic and illiberal. With a majority in both chambers of the Italian legislature, she might be able to run Italy much as Mr. Orban runs Hungary. That presumes she is as clever as he, and there is no reason to doubt it. [26 September]

UK Tories Unveil Inflationary Mini-Budget -- Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng is an exceedingly well-educated gentleman. He has attended and soared at Eton (King\\'s Scholar), Cambridge (Trinity, a first in classics and history, but not Greats, two-time Brown Medal winner), Harvard (Kennedy Scholarship) and back to Cambridge for his PhD (economic history). So, he of all people should be able to guide the British economy through the current rough patch. Unfortunately, he has opted to cut taxes and put caps on energy bills during a time of heightened inflation. Based on his education, he has read Keynes, and yet, he is engaging in exactly the wrong policies. [23 September]

NY AG Sues Trump Organization, Ex-President, His Kids -- Yesterday was a big news day. The West reacted to Mr. Putin\\\\\'s call-up of reservists to fight his losing war in Ukraine. Yet that was not the most important story because he probably cannot get them to report in sufficient numbers. The Federal Reserve increased interest rates, but that was not the story of the day because the whole world knew it was going to happen. No, the big story was New York State Attorney General Leticia "Tish" James suing the Trump Organization, Donald Trump and his three oldest children for numerous civil infractions. She also made a criminal referral to both the Southern District of New York and the Criminal Investigations Division of the IRS. This could end the political career of Donald Trump permanently. [22 September]

Iranian Morality Police Kill Woman Prisoner, Spark Protests -- The Iranian Revolution enforces its vision of Islam in part through the use of a morality police force. Officially known as the Gasht-e-Ershad (roughly the Guidance Patrol), these guys make a living by ensuring Iranians in 2022 behave as they would in an idealized version of Islamic paradise on Earth circa 1022. Women must cover their hair, or they face arrest. This is what happened to a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old was arrested for wearing unsuitable attire (a broad catch-all term to be sure), she died in police custody hours later. For the last five days, the streets in Iran have seen protests and hijab burnings. The government is so scared that it has promised to look into the matter rather than simply crackdown. [21 September]

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