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24 April 2014


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XIII, Number 68

Georgia's "Guns Everywhere Law" Passed -- Yesterday, Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal sign a law that would allow residents of his state to take a gun just about anywhere they wanted, presuming they have secured a permit to carry a firearm. Currently, Georgia ranks 10th in the nation when it comes to gun violence. From 2001-2010, Georgians died in gun-related incidents at twice the rate of US combat troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the world will see whether more guns really can make a place safer. One doubts it. [24 April]

Obama Says Senkaku Islands Covered by US-Japan Defense Treaty -- President Obama is on the trip to Japan that he had to cancel 7 months ago due to the Republican Party's love of government shutdowns. In an interview before he even arrived, Mr. Obama stated that the US is on Japan's side in a dispute over some islands in the South China Sea. This will, no doubt, annoy the Chinese, whom Mr. Obama is not visiting on this journey and who claim the islands are theirs. One must wonder if this is another redline laid out by the White House, and if so, how serious is the administration. [23 April]

Four Party Deal on Ukraine Pointless -- Yesterday, the EU, US, Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers came to a deal in order to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. The arrangement calls for the disbanding of all illegal military groups; it calls for those occupying buildings to end their occupations; and it calls for a halt to new western sanctions against Russia. It will have almost no effect whatsoever. [18 April]

Putin Claims Right to Intervene in Ukraine -- During his annual live phone-in TV broadcast, President Vladimir Putin of Russia had to field a great many questions about Ukraine. In his answers, the world got an insight into his thinking that does not bode well for peace in the region. He stated that Russia has a right to intervene if things get out of hand in Ukraine before adding he hoped he would not have to exercise that right. While he might have a case given recent developments in international law, it is the Russian government causing the instability. [17 April]

Bloomberg Gunning for NRA with $50 Million -- After 12 years as Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has decided to continue his participation in the political process by fighting the gun lobby. He has started a group called Everytown for Gun Safety, and he plans to spend $50 million to counteract the political spending of the National Rifle Association. This is what has been missing from the gun safety (formerly gun control) faction. [16 April]

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