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 30 January 2023


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Zawahi Out as Tory Party Chair -- British Conservative Party Chairman Nadhim Zawahi got his walking papers from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak yesterday over some tax problems. An independent investigator found that Mr. Zawahi had violated the ministerial code and should be removed. The PM acted on that. Mr. Zawahi might have been all right if he had simply been more transparent. He might not have been made a member of cabinet, but now, he is out of cabinet and looks sleazy. This also calls into question the political judgment of the PM. It certainly puts paid to the idea that competences back at Number 10. [30 January]

Five Memphis Police Officers Charged with Murder -- Yesterday, five members of the Memphis Police Department in Tennessee were indicted on numerous charges including second-degree murder in the beating death of Tyre Nichols. Later today, the body-cam and other videos that detail the beating will be released. A short while after that, Memphis and some other cities in the US may well experience rioting. The story of Mr. Nichols is horrific, three-minutes of police batons on a defenseless man who would die a few days later. It is also a story this country has heard over and over. It is, frankly, tedious. Police reform is long overdue. [27 January]

Pence Had Classified Documents at His Home --   Former US Vice President Mike Pence may not be the kind of person one would invite to a dinner party, but he is a good politician when it comes to protecting his career and future. When the classified documents scandal at Mar-a-Lago, he backed Donald Trump. When Joe Biden was discovered to have had a few at his home in Delaware, Mr. Pence opined that there was a double standard (ignoring that a double standard cannot exist when two cases are substantially different). At the same time, he asked outside lawyers to go through the boxes at his Indiana home to see if he had any such papers. They found a few, and Mr. Pence had the documents returned to the National Archives in short order. He has limited his exposure on this matter, and in doing so, he can change the national discussion to take the politics out of it and focus on national security. [25 January]

Ex-FBI Counter-Intelligence Chief Arrested -- Today, the United States officially observes the birth of Martin Luther King, Junior, the closest thing to a secular saint the nation has produced. A lot of nonsense will be spoken again, as it was last year and will be next next, about his legacy and his ideals from many who would have opposed him at the time. This journal takes the view that his career was based on undoing the racial caste system upon which most New World societies were produced and that this was a noble endeavor. It is a short distance from "All men are created equal" to being "judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin." Until a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural America exists, Americans will be poorer, sicker and more ignorant than necessary. That represents an ongoing crime against the founding of the Republic. [24 January]

NATO Must Send Tanks, Planes to Ukraine -- NATO has dithered enough over arming Ukraine with tanks and planes. The worry that doing so would escalate the war is utter nonsense. Escalation is going to happen as soon as the weather improves and the Russian army can move. It would be best if Ukraine had the weaponry to stop Russia. All of the courage the Ukrainians have shown, their willingness to suffer, their dead and wounded will mean nothing if Moscow takes the Ukrainian army down. The only thing lacking in Ukraine is the equipment needed to win. Anything that slows that down gives Russia room to win. So, the time has come for the Biden administration in particular and NATO in general to send whatever the Ukrainians need. This would mean anything short of nuclear weapons. [23 January]

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