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21 August 2017


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XVI, Number 159

Trump's New Afghanistan Policy is Bush's Old One -- Candidate Donald Trump argued that America First meant building schools in the US before building them in Afghanistan. He argued for an immediate withdrawal of US forces from that country. Last night, he announced that the US is sending more troops for an indefinite amount of time to pursue strategic goals that have yet to be determined. The war goes on despite the evidence that says it is achieving nothing. [22 August]

Bannon Out of White House, Back at Breitbart -- Stephen Bannon left the White House on Friday. The former chief strategist wasted no time in securing a new position. He is back at his old job of executive chairman of Breitbart News, the crypto-fascist website. He lost a power struggle with General John Kelly, the new White House Chief of Staff, and the administration and Mr. Bannon have papered over the split. It will not, however, last. Make no mistake, he will use his position to attack the establishment Republicans at every opportunity. [21 August]

GOP Senators Start Distancing Themselves from President -- President Donald Trump is starting to lose the blind loyalty of some members of the GOP in the US Senate. First, a few of them shot down his tax-cut bill that posed as a health care measure. Then, he announced his support for neo-Nazis and the KKK, and more than a few rejected his statements as un-American. Now, a couple of them have taken it a step farther. They have begun to question his competence and suitability for the job he has. [18 August]

Trump's CEO Councils Closed Down in Tantrum -- The infantile behavior of the President of the United States continues to plumb the depths of selfishness. His two business advisory councils faced a rash of resignations by CEOs of some of America's biggest companies following his ham-fisted endorsement of neo-Nazis and the KKK in the wake of the Charlottesville attack. Rather than replace the businessmen who left, President Trump decided to close down both councils, effectively taking his ball and going home to pout. [17 August]

Trump's Defense of Racists Not Really Surprising -- President Trump was supposed to make a few remarks about infrastructure development yesterday. Instead, he fielded questions from the media and wound up defending the neo-Nazis and Confederate sympathizers who disrupted the peace of Charlottesville, Virginia, over the week-end. Many were shocked, but one can't figure out why. Mr. Trump's first public statement as a candidate for the office he now holds was an anti-Mexican diatribe. His dogwhistle politics has turned to a foghorn of hatred and division. Yet, the evidence was there all along. The real question now is what does the nation do about it? [16 August]

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