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8 June 2023


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3 More GOP Candidates Make White House Bid -- The last few days have seen no fewer than 3 members of the Republican Party announce that they are running for president. Govenror Doug Burgum of North Dakota, former VP Mike Pence of Indiana and former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey have all decided to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Not one of these three has any hope whatsoever. What will prove interesting, and perhaps entertaining, will be the manner in which each fails.  [8 June]

Poland Sees Massive Anti-Government Protest -- Over the weekend, some 500,000 Poles marched in Warsaw and other major cities to protest the policies of the current conservative government. The march occurred on the 34th anniversary of the first relatively free election in post-war Poland. The catalyst of this event is a law created ostensibly to create a commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland. Critics say its power to ban people from public office for up to a decade is unconstitutional. The government has already proposed amendments. The opposition is not buying that, hence the demonstrations. In all, this is a healthy sign for Polish democracy. That is a good thing because there is a general election later this year. [5 June]

Russia Lacks Ability to Sustain War -- The Russian war machine is running into trouble worse than that it found a year ago on the road to Kyiv. Economic sanctions cannot win a war on their own, but in tandem with other tools of persuasion (drone attacks on Moscow and Ukrainian counter-offensives), they are effective in reducing the ability of a nation at war to fight. Statistics show that the Russian military is running out of just about everything it will need to continue the fight beyond this year or next. Moscow has lost the war. The only real question that remains is on what terms will the killing stop? [2 June]

House Passes Debt Ceiling Increase in Landslide -- The House of Representatives approved the Biden-McCarthy debt-ceiling deal last night. The vote was not even close, 314 to 117 with four members not voting. This demonstrates the impotence of the extremes on both sides of the aisle. The GOP hardliners ranted and raved and demanded more cuts. They got headlines about their complaints but nothing else. The left complained about all kinds of small details, and none of it was worth cratering the global economy over. What the world learned was just how few in number these loudmouths are.. [1 June]

Progressives Voting No on Debt Deal are Not Progressive -- The House of Representatives will vote tonight on the deal negotiated by the president and the speaker. It is almost certain to pass, and on the extremes, both parties have rebels. No one expects much from the far right on this. They are not interested in governing but in burning it all down. On the left, however, there are some who are going to grandstand and posture over minor issues. These legislators are the worst kind of fraus. There is absolutely no progressive reason to vote against raising the debt ceiling under these circumstances. Voting not to raise the ceiling is a vote to wreck the economy and hurt the very people progressives say they want to protect. [31 May]

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