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8 December 2021


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No Religious Exemptions from Vaccine Mandate -- The City of New York is probably going to find itself in court, sued by religious schools and related institutions over the secular requirement that people get vaccinated against the corona virus that causes Covid-19. Everyone at such an institution (56,000 people at 930 institutions) must have a vaccination by December 20. The schools have until December 28 to provide the city with proof. There are exemptions for religious and medical reasons. Among city workers who also are mandated to get the shots, the city has granted 1,400 such exemptions while denying another 1,700. While the religious leaders will object to the mandate in court, this journal takes the view that religious exemptions are a danger to public health. [6 December]

US Economy Added 210,000 Jobs in November -- The US Non-Farm Payroll report came out a few minutes ago, and the economy added 210,000 jobs in the month of November. The unemployment rate (U3 officially) fell to 4.2% from 4.6% in October. The participation rate is at 61.9% up from 61.6%. The economy is still about 4 million jobs short of where it was before the pandemic, but GDP is above pre-pandemic levels meaning productivity has shot up. Inflation, therefore, is not a long-term risk from rising wages. Despite the headline number, this is a good report for the US, and the headline number itself is somewhat suspect. [3 December]

Supreme Court Salami Tactics Will Erode Abortion Rights -- The Supreme Court of the United States (the least talented politicians in Washington) heard oral arguments yesterday over a Mississippi law that bans all abortions in the state at 15 weeks. The precedent set in Roe v Wade is 24 weeks. On the face of it, the Mississippi law is unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court is not really concerned about anything more than the political agenda of its majority. They will find the Mississippi law is perfectly acceptable without actually saying that they are repealing the earlier case. [2 December]

Meadows Cooperating with January 6 Committee -- The Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has handed over documents to the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. He has also agreed to appear for a deposition under oath. Of all the actors in this sorry play, Mr. Meadows is the one most likely to know where all the bodies are buried. As WHCoS, he was Mr. Trump's right-hand man. Mr. Meadows is taking a different legal approach from that adopted by others who have refused to cooperate at all. He is clearly trying to find some distance from Mr. Trump. [1 December]

Omicron Variant Emerges in South Africa -- The latest variant of the virus that causes Covid-19, named Omicron, grabbed headlines last week as the World Health Organization called it a variant of concern. The variant has several mutations of the protein spike the virus uses to invade host cells. The current batches of vaccine act on the protein spike so these mutations may render the vaccines less effective. The question for the near term is whether it is more virulent than the delta variant and whether it is more transmissible. Longer term, the issue is whether the human race can figure out how to vaccinate everybody on the planet. Until that happens, variants are going to arise. Some could be much worse than what the world has seen so far. [29 November]

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