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16 April 2014


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XIII, Number 64

Bloomberg Gunning for NRA with $50 Million -- After 12 years as Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has decided to continue his participation in the political process by fighting the gun lobby. He has started a group called Everytown for Gun Safety, and he plans to spend $50 million to counteract the political spending of the National Rifle Association. This is what has been missing from the gun safety (formerly gun control) faction. [16 April]

Berlusconi Sentenced to Community Service on Tax Charge -- Former Prime Minister and Italian oligarch Silvio Berlusconi finally received a sentence for his many convictions. This is the first time that the Italian legal system (one can't call it a justice system) has managed to get a sentence pronounced on him. For the crime of tax fraud, the 77-year-old will serve community service for a year. The service will consist of one-half day per week at a retirement home. Sad laughter is the appropriate response [15 April]

Afghan Run-off Will Feature Pro SOFA Candidates -- The Afghan people voted several days ago on whom they wished to succeed the oleaginous Hamid Karzai as their president. As the count comes in, two of the 11 candidates are emerging as contenders for a spot in the run-off, as neither will breach the 50% threshold needed to avoid one. Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah and former Finance Minister Arshaf Ghani have several differences, but both are likely to back a Status of Forces Agreement that would permit US troops to stay in the country past the end of this year. . [14 April]

Venezuelan Politicians Hold Pointless Talks -- Yesterday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Enrique Capriles, the man he defeated in the most recent election, held six hours of talks on the nation's future. The discussions were forced on Mr. Maduro as the streets remain filled with protesters against the incompetence of his regime, and of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. The trouble is that neither side really wants to make a deal, just as the parties in the Israeli-Palestinian situation don't want peace. Each wants victory, and as a result, nothing will be accomplished. [11 April]

Mayor de Blasio's Successful First 100 Days -- Ever since FDR took the oath of office in 1933, politicians in the executive part of national or local government have been judged by their first 100 days in office. FDR managed to pass 15 major pieces of legislation at the nadir of the Great Depression, and thus, the precedent was set. New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio has been in office 100 days now, and while he hasn't been an FDR, he has accomplished a surprising amount. . [10 April]

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