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21 September 2023


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Rupert Murdoch Finally Retires -- Rupert Murdoch is to the news business what small pox is to human health. His career in Australia, Britain and the US has been an unmitigated assault on everything the journalistic profession values. His papers knowingly publish lies, and his TV stations broadcast them. The late great Mike Royko, a Chicago journlist of the highest caliber, said "no self-respecting fish would allow itself to be wrapped in a Rupert Murdoch newspaper." So, the news this morning that the 92-year-old boss of Fox and News Corp. is stepping down is good news. His son Lachlan is almost certainly an improvement, albeit a small one. [21 September]

Texas Senate Acquits Attorney-General Paxton -- Ken Paxton, the Attorney-General of the State of Texas, was impeached by the state House of Representatives a while ago. The charges covered about 20 specific claims, and the witness list was around 100. At issue was bribery and abuse of power. Over the weekend, the state senate held his trial and acquitted him. The state senate has 31 members, and 21 votes were required to convict him. The vote was 17 to 13 to acquit. Two Republicans joined all the Democrats in voting to oust him. There was one senator who did not vote; Mrs. Paxton was recused from voting on the charges. The political story here is done, but there are still legal problems ahead for Mr. Paxton. [18 September]

McCarthy Dares Hard Right to Oust Him -- The health care of the members of the American Congress apparently extends to spinal transplants. At least, it appears that Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has backbone that heretofore as been missing. One can only conclude he has had a medical procedure because he has finally stood up to the burn-it-all-down caucus. He finally told them that if they did not like what he was doing, they should try to oust him. That would only happen if the Democrats vote to remove him. There is no way the Democrats will let the yahoo right get their way. [15 September]

Romney Slams GOP as Retirement is Announced -- Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he will not seek re-election to the US Senate at the end of his term. He is in his mid-70s and wishes to spend more time with his family. For most politicians, that is the excuse they use when resigning in disgrace. Mr. Romney is an exception; his Mormon faith and his personal history suggest that family really is the reason. In announcing his retirement, he slammed the current Republican Party for abandoning the Constitution and the American people. If there were another 15 Republican Senators with his character, the Trump nightmare would be over. While this journal opposes most of what Mr. Romney supports, he deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. [14 September]

McCarthy Opens Biden Impeachment Inquiry -- Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced yesterday that he wanted the appropriate committees of the House to begin an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. There was no vote on the floor about this, largely because Mr. McCarthy would have lost. The announcement begs the question of just what were the three relevant committees doing for the last nine months while whining about the "Biden Crime Family." When all is said and done, this is merely proof that the divided Republican Party in the House is led by a man with no real moral compass and no real sense of leadership. Mr. McCarthy is one of the weakest Speakers ever, and he is leading his party off a political cliff from which it might not recover. This move is political suicide. [13 September]

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