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16 September 2014


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XIII, Number 154

Major UK Parties Offer Scotland More Power for "No" Vote -- The British Conservative, Liberal Democratic and Labour parties have all signed onto a declaration offering Scotland more powers to control its own fate if the kingdom opts to remain part of the UK. Foreshadowed a few days ago by former PM Gordon Brown and printed on the front page of the Daily Record, the brief declaration suggests that the status quo is gone regardless of how Scots vote on Thursday. On October 16, Mr. Brown will reveal a 12-point plan in the House of Commons for Scotland's future. The problem is the referendum comes a month earlier -- a case of a day late and a dollar short. [16 September]

NATO Troops on Exercises in Ukraine -- There are at least 1,300 foreign troops in Ukraine right now. They come from 15 different countries, including the US and other NATO states. They are there with the consent and support of the government in Kyiv. Exercises under the code name Rapid Trident are taking place near Lviv. That's about 600 miles from where the uprising in eastern Ukraine is. Far enough not to be a direct provocation. Close enough to serve as a warning. [15 September]

Obama Promises to Go After ISIS Anywhere -- In a prime-time TV speech, President Obama promised the American people and the world that his administration took seriously the threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria [ISIS, also known as ISIL, replacing Syria with Levant]. The US, he promised, would degrade and the destroy the terrorist group. Fortunately, he has the sense not to use American ground troops to achieve this. The question, though, is just who will do the ground pounding? [11 September]

Ukrainian Rebs Offered More Autonomy -- The Kyiv government has offered greater autonomy to the eastern districts of Ukraine in an attempt to placate the rebels in those areas. This comes after a cease-fire came into effect Friday that appears to be holding despite a handful of violations. It is a pointless offer because it falls far short of what Vladimir Putin and Russia want. Greater autonomy does not move Russia's borders nor does it cripple Ukraine. Therefore, it won't end the conflict. [10 September]

Prosecutors not NFL at Fault in Ray Rice Domestic Violence Case -- The National Football League has just begun its 2014 season, and the tackles and touchdowns are overshadowed by cases of domestic violence involving certain players. The most extreme instance is that of Ray Rice, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, of whom there are video recordings that show him knocking his then girlfriend (now wife) unconscious in an elevator in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There is a huge hue and cry over the light punishments the NFL has handed down. The real moral outrage ought to be targeting the prosecutors who have done next to nothing. [9 September]

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