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24 October 2016


Cogito Ergo Non Serviam

Latest Commentary: Volume XV, Number 198

Wallonia Stymies EU-Canada Trade Deal -- The European Union and Canada are negotiating a free trade deal (the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement, CETA), and as with all EU deals, every one of the 27 member states must approve the agreement. Canadian diplomats threw up their hands in disappointment and went home a couple days ago when it became clear Belgium could not approve the agreement. Every member has its own constitutional mechanism for approving a treaty, and in the case of Belgium, the regional assemblies have to OK an agreement as well as the central government in Belgium. It appears the French-speaking Socialist Party that governs Wallonia in the country's south doesn't want to play along. It's a question of local politics interfering in global policy making. [24 October]

Clinton Campaign is the Vehicle for Crushing Trumpism -- This presidential campaign has been a two-year long disappointment. The Democrats fielded too few candidates (three if one noticed Mr. O'Malley) and the Republicans far too many (17 or so). The result of the process was a pair of candidates who are exceedingly unpopular across the nation, and which will result in a weak presidency regardless of who wins. However, it matters very much not only who wins this election but by how much. It is for that reason, and that reason alone, that readers who are eligible to vote in the US general election vote against Donald Trump using the Clinton campaign as their vehicle. Burying his effort in a landslide is the only way to scotch the rise of a nativist, nationalist fascism that has nothing to recommend it. [21 October]

Trump Refuses to Accept Election Result Ahead of Time -- Although many of his supporters (and some detractors) claim that Donald Trump performed well in last night's final presidential debate, the headline is that he has declined to accept the result of the election unless he wins. His backers have walked a fine line saying he meant if it were close, he would feel free to challenge the result. Perhaps, that's what he meant, or perhaps, he meant if he loses it will be proof the system is rigged and that he is under no obligation to accept the loss. What cannot be disputed is just how hard it would be to steal a presidential election. [20 October]

ISIS Collapsing in Iraq and Syria -- The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (also know as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and as Daesh) spread like a particularly virulent and nasty virus across Syria and Iraq a couple of years ago. However, its nightmare reign of terror is ending slowly but surely as forces of civilization advance on its territory. The military defeat of ISIS is almost inevitable now, and that will liberate millions to live life in the 21st rather than the 11th century. However, the world is not at the beginning of the end so much as the end of the beginning. ISIS fighters will scatter to the four winds, and some will continue the struggle in small cells or as lone wolves. Terrorism from ISIS will continue. [19 October]

Trump's Claim of Rigged Election Unfounded -- Ahead of a crushing defeat, Donald Trump has decided that it is someone else's fault that he will not be president. He is alleging that there are dead people voting, illegal immigrants (his term) voting, and many people voting numerous times. In fact, the number of cases of illegal voting, in-person voter fraud and the like are so rare that one can scarcely say they exist. One study over the last decades says there have been 31 cases and more than 1 billion votes cast. Fake voting is not the problem. It is Mr. Trump's endeavor to call into question the result of the election before it is formalized. Democracy exists to bestow legitimacy on the winner. A more serious attack cannot be imagined. [18 October]

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