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3 February 2003

Latest Commentary:
Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has made his report to the world body concerning Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and the punditocracy is trying to make heads and tails of it. The best place to start would be to understand Blix and his people first and the facts second. The report is not crystal clear because the people writing it had no interest in perfect clarity. Click here to read more.

President George W. Bush gave his State-of-the-Union address to Congress and received generally good reviews, suggesting that so little is expected of him by anyone that merely giving the speech would count as a success. A better speech was given in rebuttal by Governor Locke of Washington State -- all the more so since he answered the President's speech deftly and clearly with no time afterward to rewrite his own. What a man says ought to count more than how he says it, but Mr. Bush said little enough. Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"What we call public opinion is generally public sentiment."
-- Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria's Prime Minister

Our Motto:
"Neither Half-Full Nor Half-Empty, the Glass is Too Large."

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