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31 March 2003

Latest Commentary:
A true patriot will criticize those in power not when it is safe, but when it is needed most. With that in mind, the Bush administration and the Pentagon have already gotten their war of aggression off to a bad start. If America is going to do this damn silly thing, then let it not be in this damn silly way. It is not too late to undo the mistakes, but they are mistakes and saying otherwise is unpatriotic. Click here to read more.

The Bush administration, having chosen war to resolve the outstanding issues with Iraq, has had reasonable success in the first week and a bit on the battlefield. However, the American people appear disappointed that coalition troops have yet to enter Baghdad. This over-confidence, which doesn't really exist at the Pentagon itself, may prove the Achilles heel in the Anglo-American attack. Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."
-- Ambrose Bierce

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"Neither Half-Full Nor Half-Empty, the Glass is Too Large."

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