Washington Affairs

20 October 2003

Supreme Court to Rule on Pledge of Allegiance
The Supreme Court has decided to hear a case that may result in the "Pledge of Allegiance" getting bounced from school rooms for being unconstitutional. In a bout of church and state silliness that baffles most outside the US, atheists and fundamentalists have fought this battle for many years. Not once has the real matter been addressed; does the child mouthing the words understand them? Click here to read more.

Senate Hands Bush a Loss
The Republican-controlled US Senate gave Republican President George W. Bush a defeat on Thursday of last week when it voted to convert from a grant to a loan about half of the $20.3 billion for Iraq that he wanted. This is a harbinger of the troubles the GOP will have at the polls in November 2004. Click here for more.

Family Fights over Right to Die
Government exists to establish and enforce the rules by which a society operates. On that score, the US government has failed a family in Florida divided against itself over the question of continued life support for a comatose woman. Whatever laws are passed with be hotly disputed and will trouble most Americans. However, without legislation governing this kind of situation, more families will suffer. Click here to read on.