Matters Financial

20 October 2003

Air France-KLM Make a Good Deal for All
Air France bought the Dutch national carrier, KLM, for about $950 billion last week. The French as arranging a holding company structure to let the KLM brand continue (a wise move), and if regulators are wise, they'll give this merger the nod. Click here to read more.

Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Kill Weak Lagers
British beer is dark, tepid and rather strong. Last week's announcement that Scottish and Newcastle brewery is killing off its lager brands Hofmeister, Kestrel and McEwans is not much of a shock. It's surprising these drinks were ever popular in the first place. Click here to read more.

Smith & Wesson Moves into Home Decor
Business is not always an obvious field of endeavor. Consider the latest move by Smith & Wesson, makers of tools that shoot high velocity bits of metal at people one doesn't like. It seems guns and bullets don't quite have the future management wants, so the firm is expanding -- no, not into surface-to-air missiles nor torpedoes, but rather into home decor. Click here for our view.