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15 December 2003

Latest Commentary:
If anyone was upset by the capture of Saddam Hussein last Saturday by American and allied forces, one couldn't hear any complaining. The supporters of Mr. Bush's war felt no small vindication, and the opponents of it could take solace in the fact that a mass murderer had been caught. But the talk of justice that filled the Sunday news programs was misleading -- the game of politics will determine the next several months. Click here for more.

The "big" political news of the last week was Al Gore's endorsement of Howard Dean. The move sent shock waves through talking-head land as the chattering classes tried to tell everyone what it means. If the move has any meaning, it is that Mr. Gore still believes himself to be a factor in presidential politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. Click here to read more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him."
-- L. Paul Bremer, American Governor of Iraq, announcing the capture of Saddam Hussein, December 14, 2003

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"Neither Half-Full Nor Half-Empty, the Glass is Too Large."

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