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9 February 2004

Latest Commentary:
George Tenet made a speech last week that more or less defends his agency against the charges that it got the intelligence in pre-war Iraq wrong. It isn't the slam on the Bush administration that many are reading into it. "They [CIA analysts] never said there was an imminent threat," said Mr. Tenet, and in fact, Mr. Bush never did either. Still, Mr. Tenet's defense of the CIA amounts to an attack on the pre-war White House. Click here to read more.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Tony Blair, MP, PC, announced a new inquiry into the Iraq war having just beaten the BBC with the Hutton Commission Report. The new investigation, led by former cabinet secretary Lord Butler, will look at the intelligence community's failure and find out what went wrong. Sadly for Mr. Blair, the Liberal Democrats won't drink the Kool-Aid and play along.Click here for more.
Quotation of the Moment:
"What was the quality of the political judgment involved in taking such life and death, grave decisions?"

-- Charles Kenedy, MP, Liberal Democrat Leader
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