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7 June 2004

From the editor: It is obvious that pace of world events will accelerate in the next six months, and a weekly publication is too leisurely to be appropriate. Consequently, the Kensington Review will appear each Monday, Wednesday and Friday until further notice.

Latest Commentary:
Iraqi Governing Council Gets Last Laugh -- Iraq's Governing Council made fools out of both the US and the UN on its final day of existence. It chose its own president and then voted itself out of existence. It's hard to argue with an opponent that has passed on to history. Harder still to deal with what it left behind, and Iraqi regime that has some perceived legitimacy and a desire to flex its muscles.

Tenet Quits as CIA Chief -- One was beginning to wonder if anyone in the Bush administration would ever take responsibility for anything that has happened in the last three and a half years. It was a great relief to see that the one Clinton hold-over, Director of the CIA George Tenet, finally left office for "personal reasons." Perhaps, he can start a fad in Washington among those who have failed in their duties to own up to the failure and depart.

Renault Targets Emerging Markets with Logan -- While the American love affair with SUVs and other gas guzzlers seems able to survive gas at $2.50 per gallon, there are other parts of the world where $50,000 for a Lincoln Navigator seems a touch steep. French automaker Renault has targeted the emerging markets with the Logan, which it plans to sell for just 5,000, or US$6,100 new.

President Reagan Loses to Alzheimer's --

Ronald Wilson Reagan's body finally stopped working Saturday. To say that he died then, however, is incorrect. Alzheimer's Disease took away what made the 40th president of the United States unique many years earlier. While the media and the masses chew over their memories of him, his passing raises a bigger issue - the quality of life versus the quantity of years.



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