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23 June 2004

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Saudi Arabia -- Friend or Foe? -- The last several days have had a recurring theme in the media about Saudi Arabia and its role in either supporting or fighting terrorism, specifically Fascislam. The debate has simmered for a long time, brought on by the fact that 15 out of the 19 Al-Qaeda murders of September 11 were Saudis. But the argument is an unhealthy and unhelpful one -- Saudi Arabia is not a monolithic state, and various factions view America and the West differently.

Connecticut's Governor Rowland Quits -- Back in January, Governor John Rowland told the people of Connecticut that he had lied to them when he said that he had not accepted gifts from companies doing business with the state. He should have resigned right then and there, but for reasons of ego he chose to stay and fight for his job. Monday night, he saw the light and quit, five plus months too late.

SpaceShipOne Reaches Space, No Money There -- A private company, Scaled Composites, has spent about $20 million on putting a man in space. They succeeded by a margin of 408 feet on Monday. It is an astonishing achievement that means space is now a place for the private sector. And it will be a fine thing so long as no one expects to make much money doing it.

Laughter as a Weapon of Mass Destruction -- Nothing undermines authority as much as laughter, especially aimed at authority. Needless to say, in totalitarian or authoritarian nations (see the Reagan years for the distinction between oppressive bastards and oppressive bastards on America's side), stand-up is not much of a draw. The satire shown on Al-Sharqiya TV in Iraq may just prove the most lasting effect of the fall of the Saddamites.



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