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28 June 2004

Latest Commentary:
US Gives Iraq Back, Sort of -- The US handed over to an Iraqi government something that was dressed up as sovereignty in a surprise move two days earlier than scheduled. The obvious reason was to avoid the disruption of the transfer ceremony by terrorists and insurgents who freely operate in Iraq. It is difficult to find a more convincing proof that the occupation of Iraq has failed.

Greens Ignore Nader's Campaign -- Ralph Nader's vanity campaign for president suffered a mortal wound over the week-end when the Green Party's convention in Milwaukee chose someone else to be the party's presidential candidate. Mr. Nader has only himself to blame, and the decision by the Greens makes any poll that includes the consumer advocate worthless.

Schering-Plough Past "Marketing" Practices Under Investigation -- Before its new CEO Fred Hassan arrived, drug maker Schering-Plough seems to have had an interesting way of getting business. It would bribe doctors to prescribe its drugs, and if they gave their patients a competitor's medication, the money pipeline was shut off. What would Hippocrates say?

High School Valedictorian Punished for Her Class Speech -- Tiffany Schley is the valedictorian of this year's graduation calls from the High School of Legal Studies in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. She is off to Smith College in the fall with a full scholarship. One might think the administration at her school is proud of her. Instead, they proved themselves to be the kind of jackbooted prigs that make graduation such a sweet day for lovers of freedom.



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