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2 July 2004

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Saddam Hussein's Legal Farce Begins -- There are a few terms for legal charades: kangaroo court, show trial, and now, Saddam Hussein's trial. By whatever name one calls it, it is a political event masquerading as a legal case. That makes for poor law and worse politics. In the end, the revenge of the Iraqi people will be visited on the former dictator, but Mussolini's fate had a great deal more honesty to it.

Senator Hagel Setting Himself up for White House in 2008 -- Like most people from the Plains States, Nebraska's Senator Chuck Hagel walks around with a fierce pragmatism that makes ideology sit uneasy. When confronted with facts that don't fit the official line, he has trouble engaging in Orwellian doublethink. That trait is currently buying him distance from President Bush in a sequence of events that could land the moderate Republican a GOP nomination for president four years from now.

Fed Hikes US Interest Rates -- The end of the 2-day FOMC meeting came with an announcement that the fed funds interest rate was headed up a quarter of a percent. The hike is minimal, and it is not designed to do anything more than convince the markets that the Fed hasn't forgotten to fight inflation. And the markets forced the Fed to act.

Happiness Institute in Australia Gives Joy Lessons -- Thirty years ago, it would only have existed in SoCal. Now, there is a Happiness Institute in Sydney, Australia. For $A200 (US$140) an hour, one can get a lesson in being happy. Reports say businesses are spending A$6,000 for half-day sessions for their staff. And a group rate of A$30 is also available. The Institute is not crooked, but what it sells is common sense.



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