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5 July 2004

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Pennsylvania Approves Slot-Machines for Property Tax Cut -- Creative budgeting took an interesting twist in Pennsylvania when the state legislature agreed to fund a $1 billion property tax cut by allowing as many as 61,000 slot machines to operate in the state. Democratic Governor Ed Rendell insisted on the slots-for-tax-cuts deal as part of the state's $23 billion budget. He deserves praise for a 4.3% spending increase with no tax increase, but the gambling deal is unhealthy.

Darfur Killings Show Cowardice of World Community -- Darfur lies in the western part of Sudan, a country that has suffered civil war for decades. Almost 1 million people are homeless, around 30,000 have been killed, and given the local infrastructure mess, another 300,000 could die of disease and starvation. The murderers here are the Janjaweed militia, largely Arab nomads, and the victims are black Africans. Still, since it doesn't legally count as genocide, world leaders say nothing has to be done.

Jobs Report Suggests Oil Did Fed's Work -- Friday's non-farm payrolls came out at a positive 112,000 against expectations of 250,000 or so. Although it was the tenth straight month of growth, the Bush administration is still in negative territory on job creation. And the Fed's 25 basis point rate hike is looking premature. The reason is the rise in oil prices and the effect in business psychology.

Brando Departs the Scene -- Marlon Brando epitomized a form of thespian endeavor that is now known merely as "The Method," which requires the actor to draw on personal experience to take on the character's persona. In his personal life, Mr. Brando had more than enough emotional turmoil upon which to draw, and to actors like Robert Duvall and Martin Sheen, Mr. Brando was the best. If only he had respected his talent and his job.



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