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7 July 2004

Latest Commentary:
Kerry Picks Edwards -- The Kerry campaign teased the American media and the small fraction of the electorate that is paying attention with names like McCain, Gephardt and Graham. In the end, though, the second man on the ticket is the second man in the delegate count. Senator John Edwards was a solid choice, and Senator Kerry has made a good decision. What Mr. Edwards brings to the ticket is something Mr. Kerry lacks, the common touch.

Blair Admits WMD May Never Turn Up -- Prime Minister's Question Time on Tuesday brought Tony Blair as close to surrendering to his opponents as he is likely to get before the next general election. Iraq's weapons of mass destruction may never turn up, he admitted. His exact words were "I was very, very confident we would find them. I have to accept that we have not found them and we may not find them. He may have removed or hidden or even destroyed those weapons. We don't know." He left out "I quit."

Iberia Airlines Quits Miami Hub -- In the aftermath of the September 11 murders, the US government tightened up its rules of visas for foreigners. Or more accurately, it increased the cumbersome and overly complex rules for getting into the US. While it may have improved American security (or not), it has certainly hurt the US economy. The latest example is the withdrawal of Iberia Airlines from its Miami hub.

Coach K to Stay at Duke -- After 24 years in the same job, most men would be more than happy to pick up and move on. Especially for a $40 million 5-year contract some place new. Mike Krzyzewski isn't most men. He's staying on to coach Duke University's men's basketball team. The Los Angeles Lakers will have to look elsewhere for a new head coach.



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