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19 July 2004

Latest Commentary:
Medicare to Cover Obesity Costs -- Medicare announced at the end of last week that it would henceforth treat obesity as a disease. This means it will pay for weight loss treatments that have nothing to do with anything else. While this looks like a good idea at first blush, it is difficult to envision a bigger disaster -- except for the weight loss business and drug companies.

Philippines Cave in to Terrorists -- The Philippine government brought its troops home from Iraq a month early in a rather pathetic show of weakness after one of its nationals was kidnapped and threatened with beheading. The 51 member contingent of Philippine troops serving with the Bush coalition are now safely home in the Pacific archipelago. The kidnapped truck-driver may or may not be alive, well and free. While the White House complains of weakness and yielding to the enemy, the Philippines government made its first mistake in joining the coalition in such pitiful numbers.

Martha Gets the Minimum -- Martha Stewart is a criminal who got the minimum for the four counts on which she was convicted. There are a great many on Wall Street who think she got a raw deal. Others believe that if she were a "regular person," she wouldn't have faced prosecution, or persecution. Once armed with the facts, though, one might suggest that she got off too lightly.

Hamilton Wins British Open at Troon -- It is a rare sporting event that encourages a crowd to cheer for every participant. Then again, the British Open at Royal Troon, Scotland, is a rare event indeed. Going in, the questions revolved around Tiger Woods and Ernie Els. Phil Mickelson, who had come so close to winning at Shinnecock Hills a month ago, took the lead with eight holes to go. And yet, Todd Hamilton walked away with the claret jug -- a man who barely made the tour at 38 years of age.



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