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26 July 2004

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FDNY, NYPD Find a Use for the Convention -- American political conventions used to be about something -- policy, programs and people. Now, they have degenerated into an infomercial about the candidate in an effort to convince a disinterested public that the man running for the job is a cross between Washington, Lincoln and Jesus. As the sham in Boston gets underway, there are some people who have found a way to use the conventions to their own ends in both Bean Town and the Big Apple, but they are outside the convention hall.

Germany Cuts Back on Leisure Time -- There is a misconception about Germany that deserves correction. The country is not full of automatons feverishly working around the clock to find better ways of making things more efficiently. In fact, the Germans have proven to be the great relaxers of Europe. A worker in Germany gets 24 paid vacation days, plus as many as 13 religious holidays. Only the French get more, with 30 vacation days and 11 public holidays. However, last week, the sound of businessmen taking the punch bowl away echoed from Munich to Kiel.

Molson and Coors Claim Merger of Equals -- In the brewery world, there's SAB Miller, there's Anheuser-Busch, and there's the other guys. Because the barriers to entry in the beer market are so low (homebrewing is a feasible hobby for most), there will always be newcomers. When it comes to international marketing and distribution, however, there may not be room for many more. Canada's Molson and Colorado's Coors have decided to merge as equals in an effort to hold better than their own. While they have not done it perfectly, the idea is a sound one.

Armstrong Wins Tour de France for Sixth Straight Time -- In the world of cycling, there is no race more important than the Tour de France. With twenty stages covering over 3,300 kilometres, it is a grueling event. And for a finish, there is little in the world of sport to compare with the final stage up the Champs Elysee. For a record-setting sixth year in a row, a Texan named Lance Armstrong has prevailed in this extremely French event. Speculation has already begun whether he will try for a seventh. If he does, he will have to answer the question "why?"



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