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28 July 2004

Latest Commentary:
Democrats Put on Their Happy Faces -- The Democrats have started the coronation of John Kerry as their candidate with a few speeches that were remarkable in their restraint. There is no doubt that the folks on the convention floor hate the Bush administration, and some have a personal loathing for President #43. Yet Presidents Carter and Clinton as well as Mr. Gore avoided pandering to that emotion. The reason is simple -- they know that to win, Mr. Kerry's team have to look like nice guys.

Castro and Bush Slam Each Other -- This particular round of sniping between Washington and Havana started with Mr. Bush. He said, a few weeks ago that Cuba was running child prostitution rings to earn hard currency. Comrade Fidel replied that Mr. Bush was lying, and that the American president is a "sinister figure" as well as a past alcoholic. Both men behaved in ways that shame their nations, but the Cold War is long over and neither side can figure out how to change the relationship. Yet another failure of the imagination in world affairs.

Halliburton Loses More Money -- Halliburton, closely tied to Vice President Cheney, is a favorite bogeyman of the anti-corporatists world wide. As the US government ties to put Iraq back together again, the unlearned left whines about the no-bid contract in the country to get basic services up and running. In their mythology, Halliburton is profiting from the war and from the bloodshed after the end of major combat operations. It's a lovely picture for frustrated communards, but there's a small problem with it. Halliburton's latest earnings report showed the company lost money.

Stupidity Awards 2004 Honor Work in the Field of Being Stupid -- The Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a worldwide gathering of funny people that often overcomes the language barrier to bring everyone a little closer together with the uniquely human act of laughing. The festival closed last week with the Second Annual World Stupidity Awards. While the Kensington Review holds that awards are far too commonplace and award shows the bane of modern culture, this particular set of awards is worthwhile because it showcases true achievements of the 21st century -- excellence in the realm of willful stupidity.



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