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30 July 2004

Latest Commentary:
Boston Convention Creates Kerry Democrats -- After his 50-minute speech last night, John Kerry's performance mostly received reviews that reflected what the commentator wanted the public to believe about the speech. Surprising to those who listened was Pat Buchanan, the darling of the populist right, who said he was moved by the speech and had he not known Kerry's track record in the Senate would think seriously about backing the Massachusetts senator. Strength, respect and help seemed to be the slogan all awash with optimism. The whining wing of the party was no where in sight. The Harry Truman faction had returned home.

British Parliamentary Committee Warns Afghanistan May Implode -- In the war against Facsislam, the right war was the destruction of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Not only did its regime harbor the terrorist training camps from which the Al-Qaeda murderers came, but also it shielded Usama bin Laden and his flunkies. One can point to the quite proper approach the Bush administration took: hand over the killers' accomplices and nothing more need be done. However, when Mullah Omar's theocrats resisted, they were removed from power by America with a large number of allies -- a real coalition. Almost three years later, the effort to fix Afghanistan is in danger of failure. The House of Commons Select Committee on Foreign Affairs most recent report explains why.

American Incomes Shrunk in Two Consecutive Years -- A very distressing set of statistics turned up on the IRS website this week that shows the income of American in 2001 and 2002 declined year-on-year. That is the first time this has happened since the current tax code was set up after World War II. For the two years combined, and adjusted for inflation, Americans made 9.2% less in 2002 than in 2000. Tempting though it may be to apportion 100% of the blame to the Bush administration's economic management, the fault here is a bipartisan one. The economy of 2001, when Mr. Bush took over, was already sputtering.

Dutch Scooter Championship Won by 82-Year-Old Man -- It is well known to regular readers that the Kensington Review has a soft spot for the Dutch. The latest sporting news from the Netherlands sums up the reasons. The Nationaal Fonds Ouderenhulp, a group for the elder, organized an electric scooter race, and held a competition between 12 nursing homes. As popular as NASCAR is in the US, this event does more good.



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