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6 August 2004

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Illinois GOP Should Skip the Senate Race -- When Jack Ryan was unfairly forced from the race for the Illinois seat in the US Senate for being more sexually adventurous than a Mormon elder, the Republican party discovered that it might lose the seat. When Barack Obama got the Democratic Convention on its feet, it knew that it had lost. Now, the party is in a mad dash to find anybody to take on the Democrats' newest rising star -- so desperate as to offer the job to loony, non-resident Alan Keyes. A far better idea is to let Obama win without a GOP challenger, and play the negative campaign game using the Libertarians as a front.

British Government Doesn't Panic over Al-Qaeda Threat -- While HeimatschutzministerTom Ridge led America in metaphorically wetting the national shorts, the British government was oddly quiet about the latest Al-Qaeda threat. Yet, it seems the same information that had the Prudential building in Newark, New Jersey, ringed with machine gun toting police raised suspicions that Heathrow airport might be the target of a planned attack. Rather than raise the local Crayola terror level from puce to burnt umber, the Home Office only said, "If there had been a specific, credible threat then we would let the public know." It was the British media that reported the story, and if there is any credibility lost, it won't be the government's.

Oil Up, Job Growth Sluggish -- The latest stats about the economy are hardly promising. Oil is flirting with $45 per barrel on its way to challenge the $50 mark. Meanwhile, the US economy added a miserable 32,000 jobs. Thanks to the odd way in which unemployment figures are calculated, the jobless rate fell to 5.5% from 5.6%. However, the weak job growth figure is a clear sign that the hidden tax on the entire economy that is the oil price increase is having almost immediate effect.

England Seeks Court Jester -- Some days, The Times can still entertain despite being owned by Rupert Murdoch. Thursday's edition ran a "help wanted" ad for the position of court jester. English Heritage, which looks after historic bits and pieces of once-Great Britain, will hold auditions Saturday at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, and salary will be negotiated afterward. With a population as eccentric as the media say, the UK should have quite a pool of talent from which to draw. And demand is likely to be more than pent-up since the position has been unfilled since 1649.



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