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16 August 2004

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Colorado's Electoral College Reform The amendment of the state constitution by referendum is a habit in the western US. In the state of Colorado, there is an initiative that could have far-reaching implications if passed. Should a majority of voters in the state approve, the state's electoral votes will not be awarded in a winner-take-all fashion but by proportion of the popular vote won, effective immediately. This change might put the state in play in November, and it would benefit the voters of the state because they would matter again.

Venezuela Keeps Chavez after Recall Fails -- Venezuela voted on the recall of its president yesterday, and by all indications, Hugo Chavez will get to finish his term as president. Had he lost, a new election would have been called, and there is some doubt as to whether the supreme court would have let him run again. Despite his bumbling and 1960s rhetoric, his victory in the recall was probably the least bad result for Venezuela, its neighbors and the world.

GM Lets Employees Buy Extra Vacation -- General Motors sent an e-mail to employees recently notifying them of a policy under which they may buy up to 5 extra vacation days this year. For a sum of $175 per day, a full-time employee can extend his or her time off for another business week. Part-timers can get three days. The offer applies only to salaried workers, but as ideas go, General Motors has done worse.

Julia Child Leaves in Excellent Taste -- Julia Child was an unlikely TV star, but her TV series "The French Chef" made her a cultural icon. From a best selling book in 1961 called Mastering the Art of French Cooking to her own kitchen at the Smithsonian, she was often a lonely voice in the wilderness in favor of flavor. She passed on just three days short of 92, leaving behind an America that still prefers hamburgers to haute cuisine, but not for want of trying.



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