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15 September 2004

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Nader on Florida's Ballot Despite Court Order -- Any half-bright ten-year-old could figure out how to set up a ballot for an election. Someone needs to get Jeb Bush and his people a ten-year-old. Division of Elections Director Dawn Roberts sent out a memo on Monday that ordered the 67 counties of the Sunshine State to put Ralph Nader's name on the state ballot. She has done this contrary to a ruling by Florida Circuit Court Judge Kevin Davey. Her excuse was the uncertainty over Hurricane Ivan, which she claims forced her to act. Sunshine State, indeed.

Beijing Supporters "Win" Hong Kong's "Elections" -- Hong Kong held elections to its Legislative Council [Legco] on Sunday, and of the 30 seats to be filled by the voters, the "pro-democracy" candidates won 25. In any sane electorate, that is a substantial majority. The People's Republic of China, which has run Hong Kong as a "Special Administrative Region" for seven years, isn't a sane electorate. It has pro-Beijing "functional constituencies" select another 30. The result is a false sense of democracy and a Legco that does as its told. The PRC remains a communist state, if anyone had forgotten, and uses the tricks of the communist trade to stay authoritarian.

US Air Files Second Bankruptcy in Two Years -- US Airways, the seventh biggest airline in the US, filed its second bankruptcy claim in two years on Sunday. Like the previous one, this is a Chapter 11 action designed to get the airline back on its feet. Many analysts are saying it should become a Chapter 7 proceeding, liquidating the airline. With the situation so bleak, many travelers are avoiding a US Air booking, adding to the company's troubles. It is hard to see any future for the company short of a miracle, and a big miracle at that.

Baseball Gets Black Eye, Fan Gets Broken Nose -- Frank Francisco is a 25-year-old pitcher with the Texas Rangers, and last month, he was the American League rookie of the month. Tuesday, he was arrested for aggravated battery in Oakland. This wasn't a case of a player gone round the bend on booze or other drugs and then doing something stupid at 3 am in the bad part of town. He threw a chair at fans during the Rangers' game with the Oakland A's, injuring 2, breaking one woman's nose. The commissioner's office is investigating. If things are as they appear to be this early in the inquiry, banning Mr. Francisco from the game for life might not be excessive.



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