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6 October 2004

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Cheney-Edwards Joint Press Conference Bordered on Irrelevant -- The joint press conference held at Case Western Reserve University by the number two men on the Democratic and Republican tickets last night was over-hyped. While it is true that both men are quite capable, persuasive in their own way, and think quickly on their feet, no one is going to vote for a vice-presidential candidate if he doesn’t like the man on the top of the ticket. And besides, there were baseball play-offs to watch instead.

Brazil Takes Hardline on Inspections of Its Uranium Enrichment -- Secretary of State Colin Powell spent yesterday in Brazil, rather out of season, so one can only conclude he was there for business. When it comes to Brazil’s nuclear energy program, the Americans say they want to see to the business of nuclear non-proliferation. The Brazilians seem to think the Americans want to see to the business of intellectual property theft. Mr. Powell came home empty handed, and the American media were oddly silent.

Private Indices Foreshadow Weak Jobs Data -- On Friday, the government will release the last non-farm payroll figures before the election. The consensus on Wall Street, derived by dubious polls and internal forecasts of some of the bigger trading houses, suggest the economy will have created 148,000 jobs or thereabouts. Two private organizations released figures that suggest things aren’t going particularly well, and they cast some doubt on the consensus number.

Leads Cast for “Billy Elliot – The Musical” --The hottest ticket next spring in London’s West End will be “Billy Elliot – The Musical.” Sir Elton John has written the score, and Stephen Daldry is the director – two men who rarely produce drivel. Moreover, as film fans know, the potential for a stage production of the story is immense. The hard part is casting Billy himself, a role that will require a teen-ager to carry a West-End production. James Lomas, 14, George Maguire, 13, and 12-year-old Liam Mower have received that heavy burden with the lightness of youth.



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