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8 October 2004

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Huge Increase in Voter Registration Has Pundits Wondering -- One of the factors complicating the jobs of pollsters and talkingheads is the increase in new voter registration. Statistically, it is very difficult to determine what a sudden increase in the pool of voters means before any ballots are cast. The strenuous efforts of both main parties, as well as interest groups, to get new voters to the polls has meant a clouding of the tealeaves. One thing it does prove, though, is that people will register to vote if they feel the election matters. Whether they turn up has yet to be seen.

EU Invites Turkey to Join, Sort of, Maybe, Later -- The European Commission agreed to enter into negotiations on admitting Turkey. The expansion into Asia Minor means a great many potential changes to Europe. Never before has so large and so poor a nation joined. The entire country qualifies for the subsidies that normally go to economically regions inside member states. And it would be the only Muslim neighbor of largely Catholic, and currently Christian (or post-Christian), Europe. While the agreement to talk is long overdue, the conditions the commission set make it clear that Turkey is being offered second-class treatment.

US Appeals to WTO over Airbus Subsidies, EU Counters against Boeing -- The US decided to open a major trade battle with Europe over alleged illegal subsidies to Airbus Industries. When Monday’s negotiations fell apart, the US appealed to the World Trade Organization. The EU, noting that Boeing has received some public money of questionable cleanliness, countered with a WTO complaint of its own. This is moaning match will wind up costing consumers more when the WTO rules that both sides have been cheating and allows punitive responses.

Rodney Dangerfield Left Legacy Bigger Than His Act -- Rodney Dangerfield left ‘em laughing at the age of 82 earlier this week. He was the last practitioner of joke-telling stand-up comedy – “I tell ya’, I don’t get no respect.” A successor to Henny Youngman (“take my wife, please”), Mr. Dangerfield’s twist was the target – unlike Don Rickles, the butt of the jokes were the first person singular. This made his humor wear better than many of his generation, but his cultural legacy will be his nightclub and his discoveries.



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