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22 October 2004

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US Flu Shots for Congress; Elderly Go to Canada -- Some are more equal than others. That is the big lesson this year from the mess the government and private industry have made of the influenza vaccine for this flu season. Old people have been standing in line for hours, day after day, hoping for a shot. And in many cases, they have been sent away without a dose of the vaccine. Some have even gone to Canada to get their shot. Meanwhile, there was enough for everyone, regardless of risk category, who works on Capitol Hill. In the military, the abbreviation is “RHIP,” rank has its privileges.

US Imposes Sanctions on Belarus after Stolen Election -- The constitution of Belarus, the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Byelorossia, said that the president couldn’t serve a third term. But like his ideological grandfather Joe Stalin, Alexander Lukashenko, currently in his second term, is not bound by such trifles. He merely organized a referendum, tilted the already skewed playing field, and mirabile dictu, the president can serve as long as he can get elected. The opposition won precisely no seats out of 110 in the last parliamentary election, so the odds favor the president.

Sinclair Chops Anti-Kerry Film to Placate Shareholders, Advertisers -- Economic sanctions against a nation-state have a dubious record at best, but against market participants they can be devastating. Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott gave his name to a practice that isolated him from the entire local economy of County Mayo in the 1880s. Sinclair Broadcasting might wind up lending its name to the practice of having advertisers pull ad buys from controversial political broadcasting. Sinclair’s shareholders didn’t like its plan to air an anti-Kerry film right before the election either, shaving 16% off the value of the company’s stock after the announcement that the film would air. It’s back up now that management has decided to show only a little of the film.

Red Sox Embarrass Yankees in ALCS -- The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Precisely why is difficult to say, as it has been incredibly one-sided for decades. The Yankees always win. At least, until Wednesday night. The Curse of the Bambino was partially lifted by a Red Sox team that spotted the Bronx Bombers three wins and then swept them. The smart money is still on the St. Louis Cardinals to win it all, but for now, Boston is the baseball capital of the world.



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