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25 October 2004

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Bush Supporters Disagree with Themselves -- Democracy is the worst form of government, observed Sir Winston Churchill, except for all the others mankind has invented. It does not guarantee wise or good government, but it does ensure that the people vote for what they want based on the facts and, therefore, the result is legitimate if not prudent. In light of a new poll of President Bush’s supporters, it is, perhaps, time for a research program to devise something new. Those voting for four more years don’t agree – with themselves.

Paper Tigers Iran Replies to EU Non-Proliferation Offer with a Loud “No” -- On Thursday, Britain, France and Germany made their “final” offer to Iran on trade and nuclear energy assistance in exchange for the theocrats in Tehran giving up their quest for the Bomb. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Iran responded with a resounding “No,” saying further that, "We regard the European proposals as an initial and not the final proposal." Iran holds all the cards, here, so the fact that there is even a consideration of this offer is hopeful. However, the world needs to realize that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do if Iran decides to go nuclear. And if it doesn’t, it’s just a matter of getting the price right to call the bluff.

Record Companies Subpoenaed by Eliot Spitzer -- The Recording Industry Association of America made a big splash in recent months by suing children for downloading music off the Internet. The corporate lawyers said the kids were stealing the bread out of the mouths of the musicians. They almost broke their arms patting themselves on the back for being such good corporate citizens. Imagine the satisfaction in some quarters upon hearing that New York’s uncaped crusader, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, served subpoenae on some record companies.

Satanist Wins Royal Navy Recognition -- No one writes a lead for a story quite like the Brits. The BBC reports, “Naval technician Chris Cranmer, 24, has been allowed to register by the captain of HMS Cumberland, based at Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth. The move will mean that he will now be allowed to perform Satanic rituals on board the vessel.” Well, there isn’t much more to say in terms of the story. Except for the response of the non-Satanists in the British hierarchy.



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