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29 October 2004

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America’s Inability to Tally Votes Stems from National Impatience -- After the state of Florida bungled its effort to count votes in 2000, American democracy was the butt of more than a few jokes. Now that there are already challenges in court to the count, days before Election Day, the same scenario threatens to play itself out in certain key states. Any jokes this time around won’t cause much laughter. A second botched election just won’t be funny. Impatience is the problem.

Arafat Leaves Ramallah for Medical Treatment in France -- This morning, the situation in the West Bank is confused, but a few facts have emerged. Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat is much sicker than previously believed. He’s leaving his Ramallah compound for the first time in years for treatment in France. Whether he lives or dies now isn’t very important. His day has passed and one way or another, it’s time for new faces at the top in the Palestinian movement.

Check 21 Becomes Law -- Yesterday, a new banking law, called “The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act or more colloquially “Check 21,” took effect in an effort to bring American banking halfway into the third millennium. At the same time, it reduces the security of money transfers by check. The worst thing it does is take money away from all the banks’ customers to subsidize the bottom line of the banks.

Red Sox Sweep Pathetic Cardinals -- One long suffered fan of the Boston Red Sox wrote as his headline “God proves his existence.” In a way, the first World Series triumph of the formerly cursed team from the Bay State was a miracle. Not because an 86-year-long drought had ended, although that was historically notable. No, the real miracle for the Red Sox fans was the disappearance of any talent from the opposition St. Louis Cardinals. Boston did well to reach the final match up, and so did the Cardinals. Once, there, however, only the Red Sox played at a professional level.



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