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8 December 2004

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Intelligence Reform Bill Finally Brought to a Vote -- At long last, the 108th Congress is voting on an Intelligence Reform Bill. Delayed by electoral politics, the bill almost didnít make it out of conference committee because of rancorous obstruction. However, it wasnít Democrats who were holding up the presidentís bill. The hold-up was an internal GOP matter and may be the shape of things to come. With strong majorities in both houses, the Republicans may wind up being their own opposition.

Hamid Karzai Inaugurated as Afghan President -- Some jobs arenít worth having, doomed to failure from the beginning. President of Afghanistan isnít quite in that category, but it is awfully close. Hamid Karzai, chosen by the occupation forces and then duly chosen in a badly flawed yet accepted election by the people, has a tough term ahead. Against him are geography, history, economic and cultural factors. Quite what he has in his favor is far less tangible.

US Worker Productivity Increases More Slowly -- Productivity is a virtue in life. In economics, it is more of a mixed blessing. Productivity to the disciples of the dismal science understand the term to mean output per worker. When productivity rises, more is getting done with the same (or fewer) number of workers. Simple enough, but it does mean that slower productivity growth in the current environment is a good thing. It means more jobs. It is also bad; it means higher costs to business.

Cat Earns MBA Online, Pennsylvania Sues ďUniversityĒ -- Colby Nolan applied for a bachelorís degree from Trinity Southern University, an online institution of higher learning. The university awarded Colby an executive MBA after receiving a $299 payment and reviewing Colbyís resume, which included experience like baby-sitting and retail management. A transcript showed a GPA of 3.5 with coursework despite the fact that university offers no classes. Unfortunately for the people at TSU, Colby Nolan is a 6-year-old cat owned by Pennsylvania Attorney General Jerry Pappert. A lawsuit has been filed.



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