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13 December 2004

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Kerik Withdraws Nomination for Heimatschutzminister -- Bernard Kerik was not qualified to be head of homeland security because, frankly, heís ethically challenged and did a lousy job as police commissioner in New York City (ask any non-white New Yorker). The warrant for his arrest in New Jersey, as reported in Newsweek, wasnít what got him either. Instead, he had to withdraw because he seems to have had an illegal alien as a nanny and didnít pay the appropriate employment taxes. That he had to quit is all that really matters, but there is a lesson here.

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Saved from Prison -- The long-running legal battle to put Silvio Berlusconi, media magnate and Prime Minister of Italy, behind bars finally ended in defeat for his opponents. It also ended in a defeat of sorts for the PM. One count of judicial bribery was tossed out because the statue of limitations had passed. That isnít the same as an acquittal.

OPEC to Cut Oil Supply as Crude Falls -- Officially, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries has a target range for crude oil of $22-$28 per barrel. With crude prices still the high side of $40 per barrel, one would think that supply is still inadequate. OPEC, it seems, is having second thoughts about its target. It has decided to cut supply by 1 million barrels per day to bring production back to its official ceiling of 27 million barrels a day. Having found a new ceiling, OPEC now wants to raise the floor.

Matt Leinart Wins Heisman Trophy -- The University of Southern Californiaís starting quarterback Matt Leinart won the Heisman Trophy, recognizing him as the single finest player in college football. The voting wasnít even close. Last yearís winner, Jason White, cast the ballot to which he is entitled as a previous winner not for himself but rather for Mr. Leinart. As a junior, Mr. Leinart could comeback next year and play again for the Trojans of Watts. He should take whatever money the NFL offers him and leave as soon as possible.

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