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17 December 2004

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Bush Puts Social Security Cart Ahead of Budget Horse -- The Bush White House put on a dog and pony show at an economic “conference,” which wasn’t so much an exchange of ideas as a long lecture. At this confab, the administration spelled out its economic priorities, which seem to begin with partial privatization of Social Security and end with wishful thinking. While it is true that Social Security, as currently structured, needs some work, the bloated budget deficit is the real economic issue.

Blunkett Resigns as British Home Secretary after Nanny Visa Scandal -- Unlike Bernie Kerik, David Blunkett’s political downfall really was about a nanny problem. The British Home Secretary resigned after it became obvious that he had used his position atop the British political system to speed up a visa application for a nanny. Sir Alan Budd, who has been investigating the matter, turned up an e-mail that, in response to requests by Mr. Blunkett, read "no favours, but slightly quicker." Rather than the usual year, it took 19 days to approve the visa. Looks like a favo(u)r from here.

Nextel and Sprint Agree to Merge -- The $35 billion merger between mobile phone companies Sprint and Nextel isn’t as big as the $41 billion Cingular-AT&T Wireless deal, but it is consolidation in the US cell phone business that Wall Street has wanted for some time. While it still needs to get past the regulators, the dovetailing of Nextel’s “walkie talkie” feature so popular among businesses with Sprint’s consumer wireless strength looks like a fit. The only problem is they are trying to be too damn fair about things to really make the thing work.

Mexican Woman Joins Men’s Pro Soccer Team -- Maribel Dominguez plays striker for the Mexican national women’s soccer team. With 43 internationals under her belt, she also has 42 goals at the international level. FIFA ranks her as one of the top 25 female players on the planet. And a week after Americans Mia Hamm (wearing her married name Garciaparra) and Julie Foudy walked off the field for the last time, Ms. Dominguez has picked up the torch of women’s soccer and carried it off in a different direction. She’s signed with a Mexican men’s team.

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