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27 December 2004

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Tsunami Devastation Challenges International Community, White House -- It was the most powerful earthquake in 40 years, and its location, under the ocean off the coast of Indonesia, set off 40-foot tall tsunami waves that moved as quickly as 500 kilometers per hour. Monday morning’s papers screamed with headlines like “Tidal Wave of Death,” and the body count in the articles below were already thousands off by the time the ink dried. Guesses place the dead at 21,000, with millions homeless. Add in the contamination of the drinking water, and things will get worse before they get better. Time for multi-lateral action and American leadership.

Yushchenko Wins Ukrainian Re-Run Election -- Viktor Yushchenko has won the re-played second round of voting in Ukraine’s presidential election. With almost all the votes counted, Mr. Yushchenko has 52% of the vote, while the current Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovich, has 44%. Despite rather desperate claims by Mr. Yanukovich’s supporters that there were 3 million fraudulent votes cast, observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have said the elections were clean. Now, it gets tricky.

Earthquake Shakes South Asia’s Economies -- When the bodies are finally buried and the lights come back on, the economic troubles in South Asia will just be starting. Tourism, for instance, accounts for 6% of Thailand’s GDP. That’s $8 billion per year that has just been washed away. And the real question is whether that will come back in full as the waters and the memories recede.

Reggie White Was More than a Jock -- When a man dies suddenly at the age of 43, it is a shock. When that man was a celebrity, those who have heard of him without knowing him have their mortality brought into clearer focus. When that celebrity turns out to have been a decent human being, it just seems down right wrong. That seems to be how the NFL and its fans feel about the untimely passing of The Minister of Defense, the Reverend Reggie White.

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