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29 December 2004

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Report Says Security Funds Poorly Spent -- Between Christmas and New Year’s Day embarrassing reports can be leaked without the media and electorate noticing. Then, by the time the report actually comes out, it can safely be treated as old news and ignored. So it appears to be with Homeland Security Department Inspector General (Clark Kent Ervin’s report that will officially appear next month. He says that the US has spent its money on security badly -- just the sort of thing the powers that be might want hushed up.

Iraqi Islamic Party Withdraws from January’s Elections -- To almost no one’s surprise, the Iraqi Islamic Party, a Sunni entity, has decided to withdraw from participating in the January 30 elections in Iraq. Secretary-General Tareq al-Hashimi explained, “The Iraqi Islamic Party is withdrawing from the elections because we do not think the situation will improve in the next few weeks to give conditions for credible elections." In other words, voting in a war zone is problematic. The American-chosen election date looks even less credible now than ever before

Transportation Secretary Mineta to Probe Comair and US Airways -- Holiday travel is a miserable thing at the best of times. Hundreds, nay thousands, of amateur travelers stand around in one’s path trying to find the way to grandmother’s house (“over the river and through the woods” no longer works since she moved into the condo in Florida). And one good snowstorm anywhere in the middle section of the country only adds to it. This year, the US enjoyed that plus two airlines essentially giving up on anything resembling a professional operation – US Airways and Delta’s Comair. Things are so bad, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta is launching an investigation.

Predictions from 2003 Look OK, Not Great -- A year ago, this journal stuck its neck out and made a few predictions – eleven to be precise. Three were completely wrong. Two others turned out to be partially correct. Six were spot on – but there were a couple of easy ones in that mix.

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