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5 January 2005

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GOP Climbs Down on Most Ethics Rules -- Tom DeLay, former pest exterminator and current Majority Leader in the House of Representatives, addressed a closed session of the Republican caucus on Monday and convinced them to reverse some ethics rules changes. While it may cost the Texas congressman his position, it is good party politics. In the long-run, the resulting micro-reforms might actually improve things over all.

Tsunami Aid Response the Best Humanity Can Do -- Human beings arenít angels, as any casual reading of history, or even the daily paper, can demonstrate. However, given the moral, economic, political and spiritual limitations of the species, the response to the disaster that befell the nations of the Indian Ocean is admirable. Indeed, there isnít a great deal more that people can do. The difficult part will be continuing to do all that can be done for as long as needed.

British Banks and Credit Card Companies to Surrender Tsunami Profits -- The internet and credit cards have revolutionized the way non-profit organizations raise money. Howard Dean proved this in politics, and thereby, scared the bejesus out of the Democratic establishment. And global charities have been gobsmacked by the money that has poured in from the Ďnet. When £300,000 donated to help Banda Aceh wound up as commissions on bank ledgers, the outcry shamed the banks and credit card companies of Britain to give the money to those for whom it was meant.

Tourists Return to South Asia -- The tourist destinations of Phuket Island and the Maldives archipelago took the blow of the tsunami head on. Thousands of people on vacation died when the waves hit. It may seem ghoulish to some, but the tourists need to return to these places as quickly as possible. Once the immediate aid needs are seen to, nothing will do more to put the local economies back on their feet than the tourist trade.

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