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12 January 2005

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Failed “Salvador Option” Considered in Fighting Iraq Insurgency -- Newsweek has reported that the Pentagon is actively debating a different approach to the fighting in Iraq. The consideration of the so-called “Salvador option” is proof positive that things aren’t developing necessarily to America’s advantage in Iraq. Military strategy changes only when existing approaches fail. That there is serious discussion of new approaches is a hopeful sign, but the Salvador option is the wrong one. It largely failed in Central America, and the conditions in El Salvador in the 1980s were much more favorable to America than Mesopotamia is today.

Iraqi PM Allawi Says Some Places to Dangerous for Vote -- The Bush administration has tried selling the world on the idea that the Iraqi election on January 30 will be a wonderful exercise in self-determination and will provide an opportunity for real social progress. Apparently, the memo hasn’t reached the Satrap of Mesopotamia. Otherwise known as Iraq’s prime minister, Ayad Allawi, said the security situation would prevent some parts of his nation from voting. He told the world yesterday, “Certainly, there are some pockets who [sic] will not take part in these elections.” No matter. These elections are not that important anyway.

Detriot Car Show Hides Troubles of Big Three -- Detroit doesn’t rule the automotive world the way it once did. Though, it is difficult to deny that the Detroit Auto Show holds some of the mystique from fatter and better days. The manufacturers still roll out the new models here, and the media and mavens descend on it with all the glee of college kids hitting the beach during Spring Break. But this year, the car business is just a mess, and there’s no denying that harder days are ahead.

Randy Moss in Trouble with NFL for Pretend Mooning in Green Bay -- The sport media of America have once again told the nation, nay the world, that the end is nigh. They have managed to work themselves into a tizzy over a stunt that Minnesota Vikings troublemaker Randy Moss performed after scoring a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers. He pretended to moon the Packer fans. For those unfamiliar with American slang, "to moon" means to expose the derrière in a mocking fashion. Apparently, the media believe that the only people who watch NFL games are 95-year-old nuns.

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