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14 January 2005

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Powell Says US Troops to Start Heading Home This Year -- Secretary of State Colin Powell said earlier this week that there was a chance that US troops would start pulling out of Iraq later this year. Mr. Powell said that as Iraqi forces begin to shoulder the burden of security in that country, the US troops present will have a lighter load and can begin to come home. This would be exciting news except Mr. Powell’s credibility was rendered null and void after his WMD performance before the US Security Council in February 2003.

Indonesian Military Demands Aid Workers Take Troops Along -- Before the tsunami hit Indonesia’s Aceh province, the place was known to the outside world, to the extent it was known at all, as the site of a secessionist war. After the waters receded, the rebels and the Jakarta government suspended hostilities owing to the act of God. The Indonesian army [TNI, by its acronym in the official Bahasa language] has decided it will take advantage of the situation and has demanded relief workers bring military escorts if they leave the towns of Banda Aceh and Meulobah. How better to reconnoiter the area and manipulate aid resources?

Apple Blows Away Estimates with iPod -- People who use Apple computers are usually viewed as pains in the backside by those in thralldom to Microsoft’s Windows OS. Their files won’t open right, their disks are formatted differently, and they tend to be more interested in graphics than spreadsheets. However, Apple has revived its fortunes with the iPod music player, and even Wall Street has taken notice. The question now is whether the company will be able to get consumers who have embraced the iPod to try out the new Mac mini.

Judge Strikes “Intelligent Design” Stickers from Georgia Textbooks -- US District Judge Clarence Cooper has made a decision regarding biology textbooks used in schools in the state of Georgia that will mark him as an enemy of Christianity, God, and decency by people who worry about such things without the advantage of understanding. Unable to teach “creationism” (Biblical cosmology) as a science, the forces of the Counter-Enlightenment are now pitching “intelligent design” – old wine in new bottles. They should relax, because although it can’t be science, it isn’t necessarily untrue.

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