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19 January 2005

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DC Gets Stuck with Inauguration Bill -- Tomorrow, George W. Bush will be sworn in as President of the United States for the second time. And for the first time in the nation’s history, Washington, DC is going to get stuck with a good chunk of the bill. Perhaps that will teach them not to vote Democratic.

Condoleezza Rice Grilled at Confirmation Hearings -- The Senate Foreign Relations Committee started confirmation hearings yesterday for Condoleezza Rice’s appointment as America’s next Secretary of State. Her suitability for the position is doubtful, and her judgment is questionable at best. However, the significant point raised by the first morning of hearings is the fundamental disagreement between the Bush White House and Congressional Democrats on just what reality is.

Airbus Unveils World’s Largest Aircraft -- Airbus showed off its new baby, the A380, at a hangar in Toulouse, France, yesterday. President Jacques Chirac called it "a veritable liner of the skies," and the unveiling was “for all of us a moment of emotion and pride." At a cost of €10 billion to develop, British Prime Minister Tony Blair had better be right when he said, the A380 “would change the way we travel.” It looks like it might.

Harvard President Says “Innate Ability” Keeps Women from Science Jobs -- Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers may wish he hadn’t taken the job of President of Harvard. At a conference organized by the National Bureau of Economic Research, he said that the lack of female engineers and scientists might be due to genetic differences between the sexes. He claims he didn’t say it nor does he believe it, or something to that effect. The record is already being muddled in the press. However, he does raise an interesting question – specifically “so what?”

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