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21 January 2005

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George W. Bush Takes His Second Presidential Oath -- Earlier this week, Muslims on their pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj, threw seven stones at pillars called Jamaraat in Mina located in three spots where they believe Satan tempted Abraham. This “Stoning of Satan” occurred shortly before George W. Bush took the presidential oath of office for the second time. The Creator’s sense of humor never ceases to astonish.

Zimbabwe Named “Outpost of Tyranny” -- Condoleezza Rice, in the run up to her confirmation hearings as the next American Secretary of State, named six nations as “outposts of tyranny.” The list included Iran and North Korea (which double as members of the “axis of evil”) and Cuba (unsuccessfully embargoed for more than 40 years). Also noted were Burma and Belarus, which are indeed run by nasty vicious regimes that need to go. Most gratifying, though, was the acknowledgement of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe as the final such outpost. Now, the Bush administration must just marry actions to words.

eBay Misses Estimates By a Penny a Share, Stock Plummets -- It's earnings season on Wall Street again, and the financial reports are coming out that prove many analysts missed their calling in the custodial services. Others merely prove that markets are not driven by supply and demand but rather greed and fear. Above all, eBay’s results provide a textbook example of why markets shouldn’t be trusted blindly. Net profits for the quarter were up 44% over last year, and the stock fell 12% on the news.

“Focus on the Family” Attacks Cartoon Character SpongeBob Squarepants -- Long ago, the sensibilities of the American cartoon-viewing public were offended by an under-achiever who was proud of it – Bart Simpson. Just as the country came to grips with him, two losers named “Beavis and Butthead” pushed the envelope farther. Barely had the conniptions faded than the foul-mouthed third-graders of “South Park” debuted. These cartoons have undermined the sanity of some Americans so severely that a right-wing, social reactionary bunch called Focus on the Family says SpongeBob Squarepants is being used to advance the gay agenda.

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