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26 January 2005

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Pentagonís Strategic Support Branch is News to Congress -- The militarization of American foreign policy has gone farther than anyone thought. That is the underlying message behind the revelation by the Washington Post that the Pentagonís Strategic Support Branch has been operating since 2002. Field Marshal Donald von Rumsfeld, Secretary of War, appears to have set this up to break the reliance the Department of Defense had on the CIA for human intelligence. He should have told Congress, but the first the elected representatives of the American people heard of it was in the press two years after the fact.

Poland Fines Ex-Communist Publisher for Offending the Pope -- In the defense of free expression, one must occasionally side with those whose past has been less than noble and whose ideas are unpalatable. And in such cases, one must reprimand those who have been on the side of liberty because they are faltering. So it is with Polandís conviction of Jerzy Urban over his published insult to the pope. Mr. Urban, the odious mouthpiece for the red fascism of Wojciech Jaruzelski in the 1980s, should have been acquitted.

CBO Says US National Debt to Explode in Second Bush Term -- The Congressional Budget Office, a pretty neutral place in the hyper-political town of Washington, has reported that the US budget deficit is going to come in at $368 billion in fiscal 2005. This is a noteworthy decrease from fiscal 2004ís $412 billion. It looks like Mr. Bush is on his way to halving the deficit by the end of his second term. Looks are deceiving.

Bill Gates Donates $750 million for Vaccinations -- Regular readers will know that the Kensington Review isnít particularly enthralled with Bill Gates, Microsoft or its products. They will also remember that this journal has something of an obsession when it comes to global vaccination programs and other inexpensive ways of saving lives. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has just announced a 10-year program that will spend $750 million to vaccinate kids in poor countries. Mr. Gatesí shortcomings are readily ignored.

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