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28 January 2005

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Bush Tells Cabinet to Stop Paying Columnists -- What passes in America for the left was all adither earlier this week when it turned out a second member of the punditocracy was on the payroll of the federal government. News broke that syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher took $21,500 from the Department of Health and Human Services while defending a $300 million federal boondoggle to encourage marriage. Earlier, the world discovered Armstrong Williams, another right-winger, got almost a quarter of a million for supporting the No Child Left Behind nonsense. Mr. Bush has said government shouldn’t pay pundits to squawk the government line. That begs the question of who should pay them and for what.

Sixty Years Separate Auschwitz and Darfur but Little Else -- Sixty years ago yesterday, the Red Army liberated the camp at Auschwitz. The Red Army, of course, bore the brunt of the fighting in the European theater of World War II, but it was also an instrument of oppression and inhumanity for decades. That one can use the word “liberated” only attests to the appalling conditions before its arrival. Sadly, on the anniversary, the Khartoum government of Sudan saw fit to bomb Darfur in violation of the ceasefire as it continues its own genocidal crimes.

Michigan Company Won’t Let Smokers Keep Their Jobs -- Weyco, Inc. of Okemos, Michigan, has decided that employees who smoke either have to quit their habit or lose their jobs. Howard Weyer, the founder of the company, said, "I don't want to pay for the results of smoking." So, the employees of the 200 strong firm must not smoke, not on the job or away from it. Tobacco use will result in termination. What a can of worms this opens.

“Catwoman” and “Alexander” Lead Razzie Nominations -- There is more to be learned through failure than there is through success. If that is so, the film world is going to learn a great deal from the 25th Annual Razzies® than from this year’s Oscars. While the fawning Hollyweird press has buried the needle on the hype-o-meter for its favorites, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has announced its nominees for the worst in cinema this year. “Catwoman” earned seven, “Alexander” six, and a special award for the worst Razzie loser of the last 25 years awaits someone who should consider another career.

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