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9 February 2005

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Dean is Sole Candidate for Chairmanship of Democratic National Committee -- Howard Dean, physician, former governor and screamer, is going to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, essentially the top man in the party. Many moderate Democrats (really just Rockefeller Republicans in the wrong party) have opined that this is an unmitigated disaster that will drag the party leftward and destroy any hopes of winning future elections. While wrong, they are entitled to believe this. If they were concerned about party’s future, though, they might do something about it, like back someone else. But the last alternative, Tim Roemer, has quit. “Chairman Dean,” get used to it.

Israelis and Palestinians Declare Another Cease-Fire -- Optimism about peace in the Middle East is the perennial triumph of hope over experience. Yet every so often, the parties try to act as if they were serious about getting along. These bouts of good will usually last about as long as a season of “The Sopranos.” And so, when the Israelis and Palestinians announced their tenth cease-fire in four years, they earned a third of a cheer.

Google’s Lock-Up Ends Monday -- After a successful initial public offering, Google faces something of a challenge on Monday morning. The lock-up period ends, and many employees and others will get a chance to cash in their stock, becoming multi-millionaires in some cases. The question is whether this will be a Valentine’s Day gift to investors, a buying opportunity, or simply a Valentine’s Day Massacre.

MacArthur Sets Circumnavigation Record -- Ferdinand Magellan gets credit for being the first to do it, although his expedition finished the voyage after he died. Joshua Slocum was the first to do it solo over a century ago. Ellen MacArthur is the most recent. She sailed around the world solo, in record time. Yesterday, she was the toast of the British media, and the Queen is going to make her a dame (a female knighthood). Her 71.5 days at sea are life writ small.

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