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16 February 2005

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Bush Resubmits 20 Judges to Senate for Confirmation -- Having won a second term in office, President George W. Bush believes he is entitled to a certain degree of deference from the Republican-controlled Congress. Perhaps, he is, but he isn’t entitled to deference from Democrats on issues fundamental to their party. Mr. Bush has resubmitted 20 names of judges he wants confirmed, some of whom were blocked by Democrats in the Senate in his first term. The nation is about to find out if the Senate Democrats under Harry Reid are going to be a party of opposition or a party of accommodation.

Syria Blamed for Assassination of Former Lebanese PM -- Rafik Hariri was prime minister of Lebanon from 1992-98 and again from 2000-2004. He made a billion dollars abroad and returned to what was a country rebuilding from a destructive and insanely stupid civil war. Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed him along with at least 14 others. A little known, and possibly fictitious group, called “Victory and Jihad in Greater Syria” claimed (ir)responsibility. The world blamed the Syrian government, though, because Mr. Hariri was a big opponent of Syria’s occupation of Lebanon, and elections are on the way.

German Economy Stagnates, Eurozone Grows Slower -- Economists traditionally define a recession as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth – “negative growth” is their word for what normal people call “shrinking.” It is an arbitrary measure in many respects, but if an economy is flat to down over more than two or three months in a row, things are in need of improvement. The German economy, the biggest in Europe, has almost been in a recession since June. As a result, the Eurozone as a whole is feeling blue.

C of E to Try Clergy for Heresy -- Somedays, it is impossible to write about the news without getting a feeling that one has entered the “Twilight Zone.” Such is the case with the latest from the General Synod of the Church of England. The Times (not of New York) reported yesterday, “Clergy who deny the Virgin Birth or the bodily Resurrection of Jesus Christ will be tried as heretics under a new measure voted on yesterday at the General Synod of the Church of England.” Mercifully, civilization has moved along a bit, and those found guilty will not be burned to death.

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