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21 February 2005

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Spaniards Approve EU Constitution in Referendum -- The approval of a new constitution by referendum is always news. In the case of Spain’s approval of the new EU fundamental law, however, it is news only because it was the first such vote, with 8 to 10 other member states to hold similar referenda in the near future. There was never a question that Spain would OK the new treaty. Which explains both the high margin of victory and the low voter turnout

Bush Tries to Revive Transatlantic Bonhommie --Starting in Brussels this morning, President Bush is trying to revive America’s relations with Europe. Having done so much to tear them down, the constraints of global reality have shown that he must at least acknowledge that Europe exists. And Europeans, while they may forever view him as a cowboy, a braggart and basically everything wrong with America incarnate, need to figure out how best to get along in the next for years.

Blockbuster Sued for “No Late Fee” Fibs -- Blockbuster found itself in a position to make a major change in the video rental market, and proved that execution is everything in business. In announcing the end of late fees for videos, the company could have made a change as big as the end of membership fees that were charged in the 1980s. Instead, it finds itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit in New Jersey for deceiving the public about its policy.

Hunter Stockton Thompson Commits Suicide -- In most cases, a suicide is a murder in which the wrong party dies, an introverted justifiable homicide. Precisely which of the demons, real or imaginary, finally got to writer Hunter S. Thompson yesterday doesn’t much matter. Ernest Hemingway went out the same way, and so did Yukio Mishima. Most would have expected Dr. Thompson to emulate Dylan Thomas and drink and drug himself into the next world. Emulation, though, was one thing he did rather badly. The Curse of Lono was merely the curse of being a genuine original.

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