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23 February 2005

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Americans Say Reagan and Clinton Were Better than Lincoln and Washington -- Monday was Presidents’ Day, an artificial holiday created by Congress a few decades back. It was inconvenient to celebrate Abe Lincoln’s birth on February 12 and George Washington’s on February 22. So instead, the people lost these holidays and got this monstrosity called Presidents’ Day which falls on the third Monday of February and is celebrated mainly with car and electronics sales. However, soft news comes out about the presidency around this time, and according to Gallup, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are the two best presidents ever according to the American people, the fools.

British Home Secretary Wants Power of Arrest for Himself -- Legislating in a climate of fear is a foolish thing in any democracy. It gave America the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, and the Patriot Act (which no legislator actually read before the vote) in 2001. The British government, fresh from stupidly not-quite banning fox hunting, has announced plans to give the Home Secretary the power to restrict the movements terror suspects and hold them without trial. The Home Secretary is Charles Clarke, but he may as well be named Oswald Mosley.

Japan’s Population Set to Shrink, Unknown Economic Implications -- One of the basic assumptions of modern economics is that population growth will persist. While couples will have fewer children as their societies become richer, this will be offset by improved healthcare that ensures more children reach adulthood. As a result, economies must expand faster than population to ensure greater wealth per capita. Statistics released by the Japanese government yesterday call all of that into question. By the end of this century, the Japanese populations may fall to 45 million – as many as lived in the Meiji reign in 1910.

Fox Hunting in UK Continues Despite Legal Ban -- Last week-end, nearly 100 foxes were killed in England and Wales in 261 hunts, according to the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance. This happened despite a ban passed by the Blair government. Most of the foxes were shot, which turns out is legal, after being chased around by dogs and horsemen. The League Against Cruel Sports plans on presenting evidence that 4 of the hunts illegally had the dogs kill the fox. This is one of those cases where all the parties involved are wrong.

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