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28 February 2005

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Democrats Assail Bush on Social Security, Drug Prices -- Mr. Bush had barely returned from his "Kiss and Make-Up" Tour of Europe than the Democrats took to the airwaves to complain about his policies. The opposition to Mr. Bush's Social Security changes ("reform" is too elegant a word) is solid, and may be the one thing that unites the Democrats beyond all others. Running at them as Mr. Bush is doing merely serves to reinforce their unity. At the same time, they also complained about his stance on bringing prescription drugs down from Canada. It smells like a deal is in the offing.

Russia and Iran Sign Nuke Deal -- The world received a lesson over the week-end in standing up to intimidation. President Bush was in Europe where he said the US had no intention of attacking Iran for its development of nuclear technology, but that said, he added, everything is on the table. On the same trip, he lectured Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia's need to respect democratic norms, or there might be consequences for Russia's relations with the west. And as soon as Mr. Bush was back in Washington, Russian and Iran signed a deal on further development of Iran's nuclear program using Russian fissionable fuel. At least, they let him get home before ignoring this threat. involuntarily.

Bank of America Loses Data on 1.2 Million Customers -- Back in December, the Bank of America shipped computer data tapes, and a few went missing. Thanks to law enforcement officials, none of the 1.2 million people whose accounts, addresses, and even Social Security numbers may have reached criminal hands only found out about it last week. Since the overwhelming majority of those were US government employees whose business credit cards were on the tapes, the theft may effect taxpayers. While BofA may not have shown the greatest care in managing the transfer of the data, the failure of officialdom to inform the victims is unpardonable.

Chelsea Wins the Carling Cup -- It used to be the League Cup, the younger brother to the FA Cup, but with the advent of the commercialization of soccer, it is now the Carling Cup. By whatever name, it is a significant competition in English soccer. This year, the final at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff (yes, the English final was played in Wales) featured the second best team in Liverpool against the best team from London. Chelsea FC beat Liverpool 3-2 in extra time. While Chelsea failed to advance in the FA Cup against Newcastle earlier in the month, the Carling Cup win vindicates all the money Roman Abramovich spent and all the ego Jose Mourinho brought to the side.

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