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18 March 2005

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Wolfowitz Tapped for World Bank Job -- Those who pose as progressives in America were shocked by the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to be the next President of the World Bank. Some said the Deputy Defense Secretary lacked sufficient economics experience, which is true. Others, worried that he would favor US and oil industry interests, which is likely. However, a more thoughtful view is that this is a good appointment. At the World Bank, Dr. Wolfowitz will only be able to wreck economies rather than kill people by the thousands.

Afghanistan's Elections Delayed as Poppies Bloom -- This journal supported the American led war against the Afghan Taliban in response to the attacks on Washington and New York on September 11, 2001. Mr. Bush's White House responded to the attacks with diplomacy and wisdom -- the Taliban was even offered a way to stay in power, just hand over Osama bin Laden. It is, therefore, particularly heart-breaking to watch a success turn to failure right before one's eyes. President Hamid Karzai has said his country's parliamentary elections have been postponed to September from May. He cited technical reasons, like the continuing warfare in his nation.

Brown's UK Budget is 1.5 Billion Gift to Elderly -- The last budget before the general election widely expected to fall on May 5 was a gift from Chancellor Gordon Brown to Britain's seniors. Old folks can expect a 200 rebate on their council tax (local government), free local bus travel, and another hand out to cover winter fuel bills for 200, with the over-80s getting 300. This is how one wins elections when younger voters stay home.

Marmite Ad Banned for Leaving Kids Too Scared to Watch TV -- Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has told Unilever Bestfoods that its latest ad for Marmite can't appear during any children's programming. The parody of the 1950s sci-fi classic "The Blob" seems to scare kids. Six families complained about the ad. Two said their toddlers had nightmares, while four others said the ad left their kids too scared to watch TV. Good for Unilever Bestfoods.

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