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11April 2005

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GOP Senators Reconsider Personal Social Security Accounts -- The Democratic Party seems to be on the verge of a success. Having dug in their heels and screamed, "No" when the president suggested fixing Social Security's alleged problems with personal savings accounts, the Democrats in the Senate have not broken ranks despite the White House launching a 60-day, full-court press. Now, GOP Senators are considering ditching the personal accounts in exchange for some kind of bipartisan bill the president can sign and pretend he wanted. That is what an opposition party is supposed to do -- oppose.

Anti-American Iraqis Demonstrate on Anniversary of Baghdad's Fall -- While Shakespeare had it right about the serpent's tooth and an ungrateful child, he could have thrown in a liberated nation as well. Two years after US-led coalition forces entered Baghdad and rid the Iraqi nation of Saddam Hussein, the Iraq people gathered in Fidros Square, in that same city. On their lips were the cries of the occupied, not the liberated. "No, no to the occupiers!" and "No America! No Saddam ! Yes to Islam!" The marines are still waiting for the sweets and flowers they were promised.

British Car Maker MG Rover is Bust -- MG Rover, the last mass production British car maker, went into receivership last week. As many as 6,000 workers are going to lose their jobs just two and a half weeks ahead of a general election. Talks with the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation [SAIC] collapsed on Thursday, and Patricia Hewitt in her role as Trade and Industry Secretary is getting New Labour involved in a desperate attempt at rescue. Unfortunately, the company died some time ago.

British Wedding Finishes Bad Week Positively -- The week started off with death and moved on to funerals, but it ended with a wedding. While it may have lacked the romance of the first time around, second marriages are a fulfillment of much of religion's promise. Everyone deserves and everyone gets a second chance, especially at love. While the British are much maligned as a cool and aloof nation, there was no doubt that April 9 was a day of celebration for the newlyweds.

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