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15 April 2005

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Three Indicted in Oil-for-Food Sanctions Busting -- The US government indicted three people yesterday in what is likely to be the tip of the iceberg in the oil-for-food sanctions investigation. The Bush administration and its supporters are out for blood as it makes the UN look corrupt and/or incompetent. This would "justify" the Bushite hostility to the UN, and in part, "excuse" the unilateralism of the attack on Iraq. But that is to miss the big picture. Economic sanctions are ineffective and inefficient in bringing pressure to bear on a foreign government.

Sino-Japanese Relations Sour -- The relations between Beijing and Tokyo have turned a bit rocky of late. Anti-Japanese rallies in China, stemming from the content of Japanese history textbooks, are so popular that the government has had to tell people to avoid them. Then, the Japanese government issued oil and gas drilling rights in the East China Sea -- in territory the Chinese say is theirs. A quick fix is in order if other problems in the area, such as Pyongyang's nukes, are to have any chance of peaceful resolution.

Mickey D's at 50 -- McDonald's is 50 years old today. Well, not really, but today is the official birthday. Dick and Mac McDonald started their hamburger stand in San Bernadino, California, in 1948, but it took a visit from Ray Kroc, seller of milk-shake machines, to start the business as it is known today. He arranged the first franchise of McDonald's which opened 50 years ago today in Illinois. The rest, as they say, is history.

Champions' League Gets Ugly -- With all the trouble surrounding Chelsea soccer club's manager Jose Mourinho, it was shocking that the quarter finals of the Champions' League were filled with violence -- that had nothing to do with Chelsea. Then again, the miserable spectator behavior in the two ugly encounters in Italy earlier this week was entirely predictable. The culprits are not soccer fans; they are enemies of the game.

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