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20 April 2005

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Cardinal Ratzinger Chosen, Takes Name Benedict XVI -- At the Vatican, the saying is that if one enters the conclave a pope, one leaves as a cardinal. In other words, the College of Cardinals rarely picks the front-runner. Not so this time. John Paul II's close friend and ideological enforcer, Joseph Ratzinger became pope yesterday having been the leading candidate throughout the non-campaign. As Benedict XVI, he has quite an act to follow.

Argentine Naval Officer Convicted of "Dirty War" Murders -- Spain has come a very long way in one generation. Thirty years ago, General Franco ran the country as a fascist police state in which human rights were ignored. Yesterday, a Spanish court found an Argentine naval officer guilty of murder for his part in "disappearing" leftist in Argentina during that nation's "Dirty War" that claims as many as 30,000 between 1976 to 1983. Good for Spain.

Disney Moves "Monday Night Football" to ESPN from ABC -- When the NFL announced that it would show football games on Monday nights back in 1970, some thought it was a silly idea. Football was a week-end thing. Now, fully grown football fans can't remember when ABC didn't have a football game on Monday night. After this coming season, they may have to get used to the idea. The Walt Disney Company, which owns both ABC and cable sports channel ESPN, has decided that its contract with the NFL for Monday games will go to the cable network.

Fat Duck in Berkshire is World's Best Restaurant -- An old piece of wisdom handed to a young American about to visit England for the first time noted that, among the many enjoyable things about England, dining is not one of them. Time have changed, though. And the next time one visits Bray, Berkshire just west of London, it might be worth a stop at a place called the Fat Duck. It is, according to a jury of more than 500 chefs and other cognoscenti, the best restaurant in the world.

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