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22 April 2005

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Dems Decline DeLay Investigation -- The Republicans in the House have a problem. His name is Tom DeLay, their Majority Leader and a Texan like President Bush. Known as "The Hammer" for his "take-no-prisoners" approach to politics, he has an ethical cloud hanging over his head. The Democrats, who learned from the Newt Gingrich years, that running against the boogie man is a vote winner, have been after his scalp for a while. The GOP finally caved in and offered an ethics probe of the Majority Leader, and the Democrats flatly said "no." They want to keep Mr. DeLay so they can run against him for a while..

Ecuador's President Ousted by Protests, Congress -- Lucio Gutierrez came to power in Ecuador in November 2002, elected following an indigenous uprising which he led, and a military coup. Three and a half years of bungling later, the people took to the streets, the military sat on its hands, and the legislature in Ecuador voted to remove him for "abandoning his post." He is now hiding in the Brazilian embassy in Quito, and the former vice president, Alfredo Palacio, is now trying to run the country. Elections soon would help but only if a few lessons get absorbed.

NYSE to Merge with Archipelago -- The New York Stock Exchange has announced its intention to merge with electronic trading firm Archipelago. It will bring the NYSE into the 21st century in trading technology, and it will end it's not-for-profit status. Above all, it will increase transparency for the exchange's actions. And after the recent troubles with specialists and Mr. Grasso's excessive pay, this can only help.

LibDems and Labour Backed By Best Celebrities -- The British election campaign is about halfway over, and there are signs of fatigue among voters and non-voters alike. To keep things interesting, the parties have trotted out their supporters from among the glitterati to keep people thinking about politics even while reading Hello or The New Musical Express. In looking over the announced support from the beautiful people, it's a toss up between the Liberal Democrats and Labour. And the Conservatives can't even beat the Scottish Nationalists in the celebrity sweepstakes. Fortunately, no one who's going to vote cares what these people think.

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