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29 April 2005

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Bush Energy Plan Raises the Right Issues -- The president gave an ill-advised press conference last night, and the less said about it the better. His nodding acquaintance with the American version of the English language (even faux Texan) is a matter of record, and little could be achieved by reminding the world that he is inarticulate. Far better to focus on his announced energy policy, which is the first serious thing his second administration has tackled with anything resembling thoughtfulness.

Downing Street Publishes Meno on Legality of War -- Prime Minister Tony Blair's campaign plane was struck by lightning as it came into Heathrow on Wednesday. It seems Mother Nature doesn't approve of New Labour anymore. Who can blame the old girl? Now, that the Attorney General's legal advice to the government on going to war with Iraq has finally been published, it's clear Mr. Blair manipulated the situation and withheld facts from Parliament. As much as one may admire his political acumen and his achievements, it is obvious that he has succumbed to the corruption of power.

Germany Becoming Europe's Sick Man -- As the Ottoman Empire crumbled, Turkey was called "The Sick Man of Europe." In the UK, during the awful 1970s, it was popular to call Britain the same thing. Now, it is beginning to look like Germany is having trouble with its economic health. And the worst part is, there seem to be few options for the government.

Cricket Grows in Baseball-Mad Cuba -- Three things come to mind when the nation of Cuba comes up in conversation: the criminal Castro regime, cigars and baseball. One of the most enduring urban legends brings all three together claiming the cigar chomping dictator once had a tryout with the Yankees -- sadly, he didn't, but he has quit his cigar habit. And yet, Reuters reported earlier this week that cricket is being played in 9 of Cuba's 13 provinces.

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