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11 May 2005

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Dubya May Use First Veto on Highway Bill -- George W. Bush has yet to veto any legislation passed by Congress. In part, this is the result of the GOP holding both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. And it is also due to the deference Congress had toward the war-time leader in the run up to the elections of 2002 and 2004. With the new highway and mass transit bill, though, the Senate has tempted a veto by spending more than the $284 billion the White House will permit over six years. The situation illustrates the genius of the Constitution -- the opposition to the president needn't be the other party; it can be his own in Congress.

Israel Delays Gaza Withdrawal over Hamas Electoral Strength -- Part of the never-ending Middle East Peace Process is the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip. The government of Ariel Sharon had been ready to announce a handover of power to the Palestinian Authority on July 25. The the Palestinians held municipal elections. The Israeli evacuation of Gaza was then delayed three weeks or so. The reason is the success of Hamas at the polls, a terrorist entity and a social service provider. Seems the wrong guys got the votes.

Indian Parliament Considers Special Economic Zones -- India is potentially a bigger economic deal than China. Before long, it will have a bigger population, and a significant portion of its population is competent in the global language of business -- English is an official language of India. But its economic growth since independence has been hampered by excessive regulation that was part and parcel of the anti-colonial movement. In their desire to keep foreign business from maintaining economic control after the Raj ended, the Indians shackled their own entrepreneurs with ridiculous red tape. Taking a page out of the Chinese book, the Indian parliament is now considering the creation of special economic zones [SEZ] where the onerous rules won't apply.

"The Man Who Met Himself" Nominated at Cannes -- The 58th Cannes Film Festival will run from 11 to 22 May, and the big news is that George Lucas' "Revenge of the Sith" (Star Wars Episode III, if one prefers) will premiere on the 15th. But a far more interesting film is "The Man Who Met Himself." It has been nominated as the only British film in the short category. The 10-minute film proves that movies are not necessarily about special effects and big name stars. The film does star a guy named Crowe, but the first name is Daniel, not Russell, and the budget was 400.

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