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20 May 2005

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Washington's Antics Drowned out by Judicial Filibuster Row -- Misdirection is the main tool of nightclub magicians, con men and politicians. While the big news from Washington is about the filibuster fight over a handful of reactionary judges, other events are not getting the media attention they deserve. If policy talks currently underway become policy actions, the US will permit the FBI to subpoena records without court approval (making the judicial appointments moot), “weaponize” space, force a uniform standard on the four major sports leagues to test for drug use, and fudge whether women can be in combat.

Canada’s Tories Survive Confidence Motion on Speaker’s Vote -- When one thinks of Ottawa, if one thinks of it at all, theatre does not immediately spring to mind. Yet, Canada’s capital, what one columnist at Macleans used to call “the town that fun forgot,” was the scene last night of one of the greatest examples of the high art of political theatre ever seen. In the end, the survival of the government came down to the conscience of one man, and parliamentary tradition.

Wal-Mart Cuts a Deal with Netflix -- Wal-Mart is going out of the on-line video rental business. It has decided it can’t do it well enough to beat Netflix, and so, it will yield to the inevitable and turns its subscribers over the Netflix when their Wal-Mart membership is over. In exchange, Netflix will use its considerable pull with renters to drive subscribers to Wal-Mart’s online video sales site. It’s a significant coup for Netflix, and it’s a case of Wal-Mart making the best of a bad situation.

African Orphans Set Example -- She is dark, and he is white, but that matters far less than it used to in South Africa. The two are orphans, which is sadly quite common on the continent these days. And they are best friends, which matters more than anything else. The cure to the headlines of the day is the relationship between Clover, the rhinoceros, and Bok-Bok, the goat.

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